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Aoko Aozaki is the first protagonist of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. She is the Fifth Magician and an important character in the Nasuverse.


Aoko is a member of the Aozaki family. When she was young, Aoko's grandfather, the third generation head chose to raise Touko as his successor while Aoko lived with her parents. She is not afraid at all of her grandfather, who is labelled a monster, and only thinks of the great magus who created the final Magic as "a terrible old man who's lived for too long through questionable means". When she was sixteen years old, Aoko was suddenly named the successor to the Fifth Magic by her grandfather, and her sister Touko Aozaki, who was being trained as the successor until that point, was abandoned. Therefore, she originally had a very bad relationship with her sister. It was later revealed in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, however, that the true target for Touko's anger was actually her grandfather who closed the Aozaki's path to the Root.


Aoko shows a very beautiful physical appearance with white skin and the combination of brown hair with blue eyes. At home, she usually wears a light blue sweatshirt and gray jeans or a casual-red dress with an under-black shirt and pants with a pair of boots. While out, she often uses her school uniform or her brown coat with a chess style of scarf on her neck over the uniform.

Just after she fast-forwarded her own time, Aoko appeared with red hair, wearing a white shirt and jeans pulled at the knees.


She is described to be an extremely strong person in terms of personality, regretting nothing in her life because she follows through on every decision she makes. Because she does not care at all about what other people think of her, she is able to stay true to herself in any situation, believing that the worst thing a person can do is to lie to oneself. Even while accepting her life as a magus, she stubbornly sticks to the life of an honest person.

Despite the fact that she and Touko are sisters, Aoko shows great hostility towards her, to the point that she dislikes Runes because Touko uses a Rune-based Thaumaturgy. However, she is considered irresponsible by Touko for using the power of Magic without thinking about the consequences. Their relationship is mended by the time the two are adults.