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Asfi Al Andromeda is a member and the captain of the Hermes Familia. She is also one of the most famous item makers in Orario, known as Perseus.


She was an intelligent looking woman with short aqua-blue hair, neatly arranged to frame her face with a strip of white in her bangs. She had cyan-blue eyes and was bespectacled, making her appear to be a calm and intelligent young woman.



Asfi had gone missing after her mother managed to offend Poseidon himself, proclaiming her then sixteeen-year-old daughter's beauty to be greater than the vengeful god's concubines. Because of this offense, even though it wasn't Asfi's fault, Poseidon had started sinking the sh.i.p.s of the Aethiopian Kingdom and proclaimed that Asfi was so far beneath his lovers that the only suitable mates for her were his pet monsters, Cetus and Brutus. He issued an ultimatum that, unless Asfi was strapped n.a.k.e.d to a sacrificial altar and allowed to be publically ravished by his pets, Poseidon would continue to sink the Kingdom's sh.i.p.s.

Eventually, Cepheus and Cassiopeia, the King and Queen of Aethiopia, under the constant pressure of their people, caved to Poseidon's demand. As a result, Asfi had been fated to be publically humiliated and likely killed, considering that Cetus was supposed to be a massive sea monster that could capsize sh.i.p.s. If she had been allowed to be ravished by such a creature, death was almost guaranteed, making Asfi nothing more than a sacrifice because of her Mother's hubris. The simple fact that Cassiopeia didn't even try to appease Poseidon by offering up herself, considering she was the one who even spread the rumors in the first place, showed that there was more to the situation than made public...

The biggest evidence towards this was the fact that, around the time Asfi was scheduled to be sacrificed, the ship that was transporting her ended up sinking. Asfi completely disappeared from the Aethiopia Kingdom and, after being accused of sinking the ship to leave them no way out, Poseidon eventually stopped sinking other sh.i.p.s, though not before causing a large tsunami to sweep across the isles. Now, Asfi was publically considered dead and there was absolutely no information about what happened that fateful day, nor how she was able to become a member of the Hermes Familia and keep her identity a secret for so long...

The apparent truth of the matter was that Cassiopeia, Asfi's mother, had been envious of the fact that Asfi was apparently growing to be more beautiful than she was. As a result of her vanity, and the fact that she simply didn't get along with her intelligent daughter, Cassiopeia had hatched a scheme to have Poseidon, known as a vindictive and wrathful god, to deal with her. Since Cassiopeia herself was quite attractive, she managed to earn Poseidon's favor by cheating on Cetheus, who was so beguiled by his wife that he couldn't see the truth of the matter. She then managed to convince Poseidon to help dispose of Asfi in a high profile manner that would cause people the never speak of her daughter in a positive light...

As for the reason why Cassiopeia couldn't outright kill Asfi herself, it was because the latter was the heir to the throne and, even though Catheus was a fool to trust his wife, he still cared deeply for his daughter. He had watched her grow up and groomed her to be a suitable heir, not minding the fact that she wasn't male in the slightest. Cassiopeia, knowing she wouldn't be able to fool him using 'common' methods, had devised a ridiculous scheme that would invite ruin upon her own Kingdom, all so that she could feel personal vindication and proclaim herself as the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom...

The rest of the story was much like what was discovered in Loki's investigation, with the added fact that Cassiopeia had tried to spin things by claiming that she had only said that Asfi was more beautiful than Poseidon's concubines after her daughter had made the claim herself. She tried to make Asfi out to be a vain girl who prided herself as being superior to other people because of her intelligence and looks. She claimed that the only reason she had made such a public announcement of her daughter's 'foolish' words was to show the latter that the people wouldn't be fooled by her ridiculous claim. With this as her justification for why she wouldn't apologize, laying the blame on Asfi to pay for her mistakes, Cassiopeia had openly endeavored to increase the pressure on her husband to dispose of their daughter...


Status Chapter
Name: Asfi Al Andromeda

Age: 22

Race: Human

Level: 4

POW: F389

END: G256

DEX: C618

AGI: D539

MAG: I60

Skills: [Analytical Eye:Innate:(sealed)], [Piercing Strike:B], [Homing Throw:B], [Five-Points of Pain:D]

Magic: [Kalov Argol:D]

Development Abilities: [Maker's Intent:Innate:D], [Mystery:A], [Mixing:B], [Metalworking:B], [Throwing:(sealed)], [Blacksmith:(sealed)]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Analytical Eye Innate Skill 799
B Piercing Strike Causing a strike to inflict greater damage depending on the defense of the target.

Active Trigger

B Howling Throw Imbue energy into a thrown weapon and allow it to track a target for short distances.

Active Trigger

D Five-Points of Pain Create a pentagram using projectile weapons that causes debilitating pain to a target if successfully activated.

Active Trigger

D Kalov Argol Spews forth a thick and pungent stream of liquid from the mouth that quickly hardens into a calcified mass that causes the target to become immobile and more susceptible to damage.

Chant: The errant winemaker creates a stale mockery of extravagance. Let all those who sip from the gold grail suffer. Tear the stomach and taint the body with your foul invitation. Fermentation, Stagnation, Decay, seize mine enemies and allow them to know the Endless Abyss. Fall into despair, Kalov Argol~!

D Makers Intent Innate Development Ability 799
A Mystery Allows the user to activate a miracle and create magic items. 799
B Mixing Improves quality when creating items such as potions. 799
B Metalworking Allows the user to freely shape metal into the intended form. 799
A Prometheus's Blessing Growth dependant on the strength of the caster that applied this blessing. As long as the originator lives, the recipient of this blessing will experience rapid growth based on their feelings for the originator. If the feelings fade, the flame seed within the heart will dwindle before eventually burning out. 801
Pactio series of belts and pouches that actually worked as interspatial storage compartments. 801