The name of the author for the fanfic EPIC(Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos) is Einlion. With EPIC being the greatest fanfic of all time, it isn't an exaggeration to say that it's author, Einlion, is the greatest author within the current era and quite possibly the greatest author of all time. He is an extremely hard working man and his ideas are unbelievably creative while also being versatile. Einlion is a smart and good person, though it is strictly advised to not even dare to insult him or say anything false or stupid about him. Without a doubt, Einlion is more creative and hard working than very other author out there. If he ever decided to write an original story, he would earn millions without a doubt. Though these claims may sound highly exaggerated, you can confirm it for yourself by reading EPIC and you are guaranteed to like or even love it, with the only exception being those who have a biased mentality or can't stand the success of others. If anyone ever dares to harass Einlion, then expect your insults to be returned with an interest rate of 1000% by his fans before he even moves a finger.

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