Saber's True Name is Bedivere (ベディヴィエール, Bediviēru), the first member of the Knights of the Round Table, who served as the steward of the royal court, the king's care-taker. Compared to the Bedivere of the Fate/stay night timeline, the Bedivere of Fate/Grand Order is an alternate possibility, wherein he hasn't returned Excalibur before Artoria dies. Despite not being as popular as knights like Lancelot, Percival, and Galahad, who embarked on the quest for the Holy Grail, he was one of the most senior knights along with Kay and Gawain, displaying a history even older than Arthur, whose name was thought to be derived from the ancient War God of the Celts, Bedwyr. He eventually came to serve the young king out of admiration of her, entrusting his sword to her and working to become her personal guard. Seeing her indifference as her trying to be fair without allowing her personal feelings to interfere, he most wished to see her true face and expressions by being near her. Although he thought her true self would become apparent outside of her court duties, his eventual promotion to the rank of Imperial Guard proved him wrong. Although he guarded her more closely than the other knights and constantly watched her behavior, he was unable to see her smile even once.

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