Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Wiki
  • [Chainbreaker]

Status increases if the wielder is bound, sealed, or imprisoned.Increase is proportionnal to the stress of the user and desire for freedom.

  • [Chant Shortening] 

Use: Allows the user to create magical phenomenon even without completing a chant. Mana loss dependant on the length of the chant skipped.

  • [Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum]

Use: Summons a swarm of petrification stakes and launches them outwards.

Chant: Ring of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation, Impale Those That Tread Upon the Earth!

  • [Command Howl]

Use: Allows the users voice to be heard by allies even during chaotic moments. Greatly increases the distance the users voice travels.

Active Trigger

  • [Columnae Caeli]

Use : Creates an isolated space using space and earth elemental energy, forcibly accelerating time within the targeted area.

Chant : Gaze into Eternity. See the Passage of the History before thines eyes. Let nature reclaim all things in its motherly embrace. Pillar of Eternity, Gaea's Grace, Heaven's Pillar !

  • [Crushing Strike]

Use: Overhead strikes with greatswords have a greater chance of dealing critical hits.

Passive Trigger

  • [Crystallitatio Tellustris]

Use: Converts moisture in the atmosphere into jagged pillars of ice, freezing opponents caught in the area of effect. 

Chant: Come spirits of ice! Tundra and Glacier, Spread Forth into the Air, in the Realm of White Night! Frozen Earth! 

  • [Charm]

Rank: EX Passive: The ability to influence others, increasing their infatuation. Twice as effective on members of the opposite sex. At this rank, even inert stone and emotionless automata are susceptible to the user's Charm. Active: Overwhelm a target's mind, compelling them to fall madly in love with the user. Even with a strong will, this conclusion cannot be completely mitigated.