• [Chainbreaker]

Status increases if the wielder is bound, sealed, or imprisoned.Increase is proportionnal to the stress of the user and desire for freedom.

  • [Chant Shortening] 

Use: Allows the user to create magical phenomenon even without completing a chant. Mana loss dependant on the length of the chant skipped.

  • [Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum]

Use: Summons a swarm of petrification stakes and launches them outwards.

Chant: Ring of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation, Impale Those That Tread Upon the Earth!

  • [Columnae Caeli]

Use : Creates an isolated space using space and earth elemental energy, forcibly accelerating time within the targeted area.

Chant : Gaze into Eternity. See the Passage of the History before thines eyes. Let nature reclaim all things in its motherly embrace. Pillar of Eternity, Gaea's Grace, Heaven's Pillar !

  • [Crystallitatio Tellustris]

Use: Converts moisture in the atmosphere into jagged pillars of ice, freezing opponents caught in the area of effect. 

Chant: Come spirits of ice! Tundra and Glacier, Spread Forth into the Air, in the Realm of White Night! Frozen Earth! 

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