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Cassandra Ilion, had long dark hair and eyes that seemed simultaneously dark blue and also very pale at the same time. She had a thin, almost emaciated, figure with modest breasts and a strange posture that made her back arch slightly, even though she was slouching forward.




Status Chapter
Name: Cassandra Ilion

LV. 2

POW: I65

END: H101

DEX: H154

AGI: G228

MAG: F362

Skills: [Five Dimension Troia:Innate:D], [Healing Palm:E]

Magic: [Soullight:C], [Cure Ephialtes:D]

Development Abilities: [Midnight Harlot:Innate:(sealed)], [Treatment:E]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Pactio crystal ball which, unsurprisingly, enhanced her foresight and made it closer to actual Divination. 762
D Five Dimensional Troia Innate Skill 762
E Healing Palm Accelerates natural regeneration and stamina recovery when applied to a region.

(Active Trigger)

C Soullight Area healing spell that increases in both efficacy and range based on mana consumed.

Chant: Cleansing light of purification. Extend a hand to the drowning. Hear my words and grant me the power to save those experience misfortune. Please, return the light of the Sun to this land. Soullight~!

D Cure Ephialtes Purification magic that can cure any ailment if the user has enough mana. Cleanses the body of poisons, abnormal status effects, curses, and other impurities.

Chant: Light of Purification, Cure Ephialtes~!

Sealed Midnight Harlot Innate Development Ability 762
E Treatment Increases the efficacy of all healing and support abilities, skills, and magic. 762