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black-haired Cat Person with green eyes . She seemed rather petite at 158cm.


She has a very caring personality with an unnatural passion for young boys.


A righteous assassin known as the 'Black Cat' who hunts down criminals. She joined the Hostess of Fertility after failing to collect the bounty on Ryuu's head and sympathizing with the vengeful young woman.


  • Although she was Vahn's first love, she ended up as Vahn's eighth woman immediately after Syr in ch. 344.


Status Chapter
Name: Chloe Lolo

LV. 4(+)

POW:???? (G219)->(G225)

END:???? (G204)->(G207)

DEX:???? (C698)->(B706)

AGI:???? (B701)->(B711)

MAG:???? (F372)->(F376)

Skills: [Cheshire Cat:E], [Stealth:A], [Featherfoot:A], [Masking:B], [Backstab:S], [Silent Strike:A]

Magic: [Pheles Cruz:B]

Development Abilities: [Abnormal Resistance:A], [Mixing:B], [Escape:B]



Rank Name Description Chapter
E Cheshire Cat Innate Skill 520
A Stealth An active ability that allows the user to conceal their presence. Prolonged use of the skill has diminishing returns. 520
A Featherfoot Increases comprehension of movement abilities and footwork. Provides a moderate increase to stealth related abilities. 520
B Masking Temporary masks the scent of the user and makes them untraceable through normal methods. (Active Trigger) 520
S Backstab Attacks dealt from behind have a guaranteed chance to deal a critical strike. (Active Trigger) 520
A Silent Strike Causes attacks to carry no sound during movements. (Active Trigger) 520
B Pheles Cruz Creates mirages of the user that move according to the user's will.

Chant: Play Around~!

A Abnormal Resistance Nullifies abnormal status effects such as poison under the given rank. 520
B Mixing Improves quality when creating items such as potions. 520
B Escape Exponentially increases movement speed while running away from an enemy. The higher the degree of stress, the greater the efficacy of this ability. 520
Umbra Princeps allowed her to move through shadows and to manipulate her own shadow, and the shadow of others. 668