The Other Twin-Sister that Vahn Saved from being a slave. Can combine with Maemi to form Maemiru. Vahn's 18th / 19th woman - ch. 581



POW: I28

END: I33

DEX: I13

AGI: I51

MAG: I18

Skill: [Gemini: Innate(sealed)]


Name: Emiru Rain

LV. 1->2

POW: E403->A807->I28

END: F371->C662->I19

DEX: D549->C641->I18

AGI: B700->A889->I24

MAG: A813->SS1001->I72

Skill: [Gemini: Innate(D)], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Fearless Spirit:H->G], [Rallying Cry:I]

Magic: -

Development Skill: [Hunter:I]

[Fearless Spirit]

Rank: G

Use: Increases Focus and helps the user remain calm in stressful situations. Increases Pain Tolerance by a small amount. Active Trigger.

[Rallying Cry]

Rank: I

Use: Slightly increases parameters of allies based on morale. Active Trigger. Duration: 30S

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