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Her Guardian is a Doppelganger named "Doppel". She has the Divinities of Knowledge, Wisdom and Chaos.





Status Chapter
Name: Erika Mason


Prodigy [Increases Experience gained when performing any action.]

Race: Vanir

Age: Chronological 2, Physical 15, Mental 70

Level: 2

POW: G207

END: F315

DEX: D523

AGI: G230

MAG: B799

SOUL: 3 [Lord Soul]

Divinity: Knowledge[pseudo:41%], Wisdom[pseudo:33%], Chaos[pseudo:10%]

Skills: [Palace of Wisdom:Innate:D], [Amorphous Guise:Innate:I],

Magic: [Curse of Entropy:Innate:I], [Sagitta Magicka:C], [Evocatio:D], [Deflexio:C], [Cantus Bellax:F]

Development Abilities: [Solomon's Heir:Innate:(sealed)], [Mage:C], [Spirit Healing:C]



Rank Name Description Chapter
D Palace of Wisdom Innate Skill 774
I Amorphous Guise Innate Skill 774
I Curse of Entropy Innate Magic 774
C Sagitta Magicka The caster creates a number of elemental magic missiles and fires them at the target. 774
D Evocatio Summon Spirits to aid the caster in battle. Parameters of the Spirits are dependant on the amount of mana infused into the spell.

Chant: I summon the Spirits of (-).

C Deflexio 774
F Cantus Bellax Chantless magic that enhances all physical parameters, senses, and reflexes based on the amount of mana consumed. Provides an anti-physical shield based on elemental affinity 774
Sealed Solomon's Heir Innate Development Ability 774
C Mage Improves magic power, widens effect range, and increases the efficacy of all magic. Creates a magic circle under the user when chanting magic. 774
A 903
C Spirit Healing Increases the recovery rate of mental energy and mana 774