A Kobold subordinate to Vahn that he made evolve under the name "Fenrir" with his competence "Guardian of the Akashic Tome".

Pulling her power from the "Fenrir" wolf of the same name from Norse mythology and becoming a humanoid species "Vanargandr", she has night blue hair and fur at on the forearms and legs, as well as red eyes.

After spending 4 years in the Orb with Terra and Eva, Fenrir grew more mature mentally. However, as Fenrir is quote, "the bestest girl", she of course decided to pretend being immature as to stay as Vahn's anchor. Vahn finally admits he knows this in chapter 677, and pampers Fenrir (hugs and kisses) in chapters 683-684.

Info and Skills

[Fenrir] A legendary primal beast known for its insatiable hunger and aggressive nature. Its claws can cut through almost anything and its teeth are said to even be able to penetrate the Aegis of the Gods. It converts everything it eats into power and has nearly limitless potential that would one day allow it to even swallow stars. Take heed, ye who controls the one that bears this record as your actions may lead to irreversible destruction!

[Lunar Cry] - Rank:C

Creates an emblem of the moon that becomes progressively more crimson depending on the amount of blood spilled. Enhances all attributes but may cause the user to enter a berserk state.

[Freezing Roar] - Rank:C

A blood-curdling roar that can resonate with the body of the target and cause paralysis. Low chance of causing mental collapse.

[Chainbreaker] - Rank:C

Status increases if the wielder is bound, sealed, or imprisoned. Increase is proportional to the stress of the user and their desire for freedom.

[Insatiable Hunger] - Rank: Innate (-)

Passive: Hunger tied to emotions. The greater the stress, the more powerful the urge to eat. Affects rationality as hunger grows.

[Devour] - Rank:SS

Passive: Allows the user's teeth to melt anything and convert it into energy within the body to accelerate growth.

[Huntress] - Rank:A

Greatly enhances all senses when excited. The greater the desire to hunt the target, the more powerful this skill becomes

[Chant Shortening] - Rank: H Use: Allows the user to create magical phenomenon even without completing a chant. Mana loss dependant on the length of the chant skipped.

[Activation Key] - Rank: D Use: Enhances the power of Magic by using a ritualized magic chant.

Active Trigger: Master, give me strength![Cantus Bellax] - Rank: AUse: Chantless magic that enhances all physical parameters, senses, and reflexes based on the amount of mana consumed. Provides an anti-physical shield based on elemental affinity.

Chant: (-)[Koku Shundo] - Rank: BUse: Advanced version of Shundo that uses the void to create a foothold for further movement.

[Facies Pallium] - Rank: G

Use: Chantless magic that allows the user to generate clothing from mana.

Chant: (-)

[Sagitta Magica] - Rank: C

Use: Creates elemental magic arrows that can home in on targets.

Chant: Gather, (-) spirits of (-), (-) my enemy. Magic Arrows, Series of (-).

[Crystallitatio Tellustris] - Rank: B

Use: Converts moisture in the atmosphere into jagged pillars of ice, freezing opponents caught in the area of effect.

Chant: Come spirits of ice! Tundra and Glacier, Spread Forth into the Air, in the Realm of White Night! Frozen Earth!

[Reflexio] - Rank: B

Use: Creates a shield of ice that can potentially reflect magic.

Chant: Reflexio~!

[Hroovitnir] - Rank: D

Use: Converge water and ice elements onto a target, dealing explosive damage and freezing the area. Casting this spell causes all parameters to decrease for a short period of time.

Chant: Come to me, spirits, heed Fenrir's call! Drown, Freeze, I don't care! Go go go~

[Danmachi Status]

Name: [Fenrir]

Age: 12


-Power: (G205)

-Endurance: (H156)

-Dexterity: (F311)

-Agility: (H173)

-Magic: (I92)

Skills: [Lunar Cry:C], [Freezing Roar:C], [Chainbreaker:C], [Devour:SS],[Huntress:A]

Development Abilities: -

Magic: -

Name: [Fenrir]


POW: 2154+(I0)->D549

END: 2114+(I0)->A803

DEX: 2808+(I0)->SSS1712

AGI: 2865+(I0)->SSS1247

MAG: 1107+(I0)->SSS2984

Skills: [Insatiable Hunger:Innate(-)], [Lunar Cry:A->S], [Freezing Roar:A->S], [Chainbreaker:C], [Devour:SS], [Huntress:SS], [Endeavor:B->S], [Severing Claws:B->S], [Chant Shortening:H](new), [Activation Key:D](new)

Magic: [Cantus Bellax:A](new) [Shundo:A](new), [Koku Shundo:B](new), [Facies Pallium:G](new), [Sagitta Magica:C](new), [Crystallitatio Tellustris:B](new), [Reflexio:C](new), [Hroovitnir:D](new)

Development Abilities: [Chain Attack:C->A], [Mimickry:I->B], [Mage:A](new), [Spirit Healing:B], [Fist Fighter:(sealed)], [Acrobatics:(sealed)]

[Nasuverse Status]

Name: [Fenrir Mason]

Age: 33

Race: Vanargandr

Strength: 25D

Endurance: 20D+

Agility: 37C+

Magical Power: 41B+

Good Luck: 38C

Circuit Quality: EX

Soul Tier: 2 (Hero Soul)

Noble Phantasm: ?

Origin: Devour, Moon

Skills: [Insatiable Hunger:(-)], [Heaven Devouring Wolf:C], [Lunar Cry:S], [Freezing Roar:S->A], [Chainbreaker:A->D], [Huntress: SS->S], [Severing Claws:SS->A],

Magic: [True Ice Magic:E](new)

Magecraft: [Cantus Bellax:A->E], [Shundo: S->D], [Koku Shundo:A->H], [Sagitta Magica: A->G], [Crystallitatio Tellustris:B->D], [Reflexio:C], [Hroovitnir:D]

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