Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Wiki
  • [Gandr]

A physical curse magic that takes on the form of a hazy black laser than can punch through magically enhanced armor. Due to special modifications, the size and shape can be adjusted with extreme precision, drastically increasing offensive power and versatility.

  • [Glaciem Aeterna Positumque Loculum]

Ultimate magic that consists of a fusion of the elemental energies of Space, Time and Ice.

  • [Golden Rule]

The user's fortune concerning their ability to accumulate wealth.

  • [Grooming]

Use : Allows the user ton enhance the capabilities of the target depending on the amount of grooming applied.

  • [Great Sage]

Rank: EX

Passive: Greatly increases the efficacy of unique Magecraft against all modern and ancient forms of Magecraft. Against Magecraft of the same Rank, this Skill artificially increases the user's Magecraft by one full Rank.