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220cm tall man with light blue skin stretched tight over muscles that would make an Adonis blush. He had pointed ears, appearing similar to an Elf, with long black hair that hung loosely around his 'chiseled' face. His eyes had strange white irises without any discernable pupils and, much like Fafnir's and Khaos' wings, Gros had two light blue reptilian wings folded behind his back. Vahn also saw that there was a whip-like tail snaking around behind his back, coming to a spear-like point at the end. Lastly, at the very center of his chest, Gros had a large red crystal that pulsed like a beating heart,




Status Chapter
(Gros Terminus)

Age: 139

Race: Titan

Level: 5

Loyalty: 83

Soul Strength: Tier 2 (Named Familiar)

Karma: -

State: [Active]

Skills: [Terminus:Innate:B], [Titan's Physique:Innate:D], [Malleable Muscles:B], [Vigilance:C], [Harden:C], [Sacrifice:A]



Rank Name Description Chapter
B Terminus Innate Skill

Passive: Greatly enhances capabilities within a designated area.

Active: Allows the user to place four immovable and indestructible pillars, designating the space without as their dominion unless removed by the user.

D Titan's Physique Innate Skill

Passive: Growth of all physical parameters is greatly enhanced. Use of external magic becomes impossible.

Active: Use internal energy to further strengthen physical parameters without any upper limit. Energy is expended after executing an attack or performing a block.

B Malleable Muscles Allows the user's body to absorb physical blows and shockwaves. 829
C Vigilance While active, the user does not feel fatigued for the duration of skill usage. When deactivated, all of the stress and fatigue experienced during use immediately take effect. This skill has been known to lead its user to self-destruction. 829
C Harden Greatly enhanced Endurance in exchange for a sharp decrease in Agility. 829
A Sacrifice Designate a target and absorb any wounds that would have been inflicted upon them. This skill takes into account the defenses of the target, not the defenses of the user. 829