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The Guild is an organization that manages Familia within Orario and provides services to adventurers.

History[edit | edit source]

The guild succeeded a group of people who fought the monsters in the dungeon without God's Grace.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The main building of the Guild is called the Pantheon. It is a wide space with counters for adventurers to talk with their advisors and also has a exchange area. There are also small meeting boxes where adventurers can talk one on one with their advisor without anyone else hearing them. Aside from that, there is a library area.

Information[edit | edit source]

The main goal of the Guild is to manage the Monsters threat created in the dungeon. Aside from this, the Guild buys magic stones, drop loot, and adventurer created maps of the dungeon. The Guild also provides weapons and armor to new adventurers who are just starting out.

The Guild staff also take the position of advisors for adventurers, often suggesting at what depth an adventurer should go in a dungeon in accordance to their level and skills, as well as warning them of any special dangers of certain floors and how to prepare against them. A staff member may be in charge of one or more adventurers.

The Guild has several branch offices outside of Orario, one of which is in Melen. The Melen branch office oversees the harbor and controls the various trade goods going in and out of Orario.

Underneath the Guild is the Room of Prayer, where Ouranos is located. Ouranos stays in this room and uses his divinity as a "prayer" in order to prevent the monsters in the dungeon from leaving it.

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