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She stood at 165cm with matching red hair and eye. She was garbed in casual attire, wearing a loose linen blouse and black pants which seemed to hug her figure. On her arms and legs were a pair of brown knee-high boots and black gloves that went past her elbows. Her most striking features were her large breasts that peaked through the open collar of her blouse, and the large black eye-patch covering the right half of her face.

Right eye's white sclera had turned completely black, surrounding the glowing crimson eye at its core. The eye looked almost demonic, a thought that would only be emphasized when seeing the malformed skin around the socket. It seemed like the skin had dried into a wrinkled red mess like a bloodstain surrounding her eye.




  • Goddess of the 'Hephaestus Familia'. Considered the most prolific blacksmith in both Heaven and the mortal world.
  • Though she used to wear an eyepatch, she removed it when Vahn healed her disfigured face.
  • She has two daughters with Vahn.
  • Received [Promise] (ring) from Vahn after he reached [Master Smith] - ch. 237
  • Had a [Love] parameter for Vahn of 9,418 - ch. 238
  • First time with Vahn (loses descended form's virginity) - ch. 244
  • Vahn's third woman
  • First woman to be impregnated by Vahn
  • Confirmed (first) pregnancy - ch. 245