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Short woman with long black hair styled into twin-tails that were fastened by a pair of bluish-white ribbons in the motif of a flower. There were small bells hanging under the ribbons that glittered with a resplendent silver color. When she stood up, her height only came to around 140cm and she had a somewhat childish face with a large smile and a pair of clear blue eyes. She was attired in a short frayed white dress that clung tightly to her body and emphasized the pair of large breasts that were framed by an opening in the dress that showed off the cleavage. Around her neck, there was a blue ribbon that matched her eyes as well as a second blue ribbon tied to her upper arms that went around her whole body and hugged under her breasts almost as if to emphasize them even further.




  • Goddess of the 'Hestia Familia', a rank I Familia that is home to Vahn Mason and his 'family'. Known as the chibi-big-breasted goddess and is famous amongst other gods as an incredibly lazy goddess. Though she is somewhat possessive by nature, Hestia is a profoundly kind and gentle goddess that cares deeply for her children.
  • Was one of the only 3 virgin goddesses in the Record
  • Connected with Vahn (oral / 69) ch. 264
  • Vahn's fifth woman - ch. 276-277
  • Had the new highest hidden parameter [Love] at a value of over 520 million in ch. 445
  • First generation goddess