Her Guardian is a Celestial White Tiger named "Kuu". She has the Divinities of Blacksmithing, Crafting and Creation.


Name: Ina Mason

Title: Little Princess [Improves mental focus and enhances positive emotions.]

Race: Vanir

Age: C2, P12, M20

Level: 1

POW: D530

END: S911

DEX: SS1003

AGI: E401

MAG: B816

SOUL: 3 [Lord Soul]

Divinity: Blacksmithing[pseudo:31%], Crafting[pseudo:37%], Creation[pseudo:8%]

Skills: [Mind of the Maker:Innate:E], [Soul Hammer:Innate(sealed)]

Magic: [Origin Trace:Innate:I]

Development Abilities: [Eight Circles of Divination:Innate:C], [Blacksmith:B], [Craftsman:C]

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