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Though Innates were fundamentally unquantifiable existences with no upper limits on their growth and development, that didn't mean it was impossible to quantify the variables surrounding them. Innates were divided into nine standardized categories: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emission, Absorption, Mitigation, Creation, Manipulation, and Sensory. Everything outside of these categories were classified as a 'non-standard' Innate, and, while it was possible for an Innate to have aspects from multiple categories, people could not develop two Innates in the same category no matter how much a person trained. Instead, their existing Innate would evolve to be more adaptive to their intentions, even branching out into other categories if necessary.


Mind Innate Skill

Body Innate Skill

Spirit Innate Skill

Emission Innate Skill

Absorption Innate Skill

Mitigation Innate Skill

Creation Innate Skill

Manipulation Innate Skill

Sensory Innate Skill

Non-Standard Innate Skill

Ability that, unless certain conditions were met, simply couldn't exist as an inborn ability. Instead, non-standard Innates were 'inherited' or 'given'. Vahn's [Keeper of the Akashic Tome] had been directly given to him by The Path. Though non-standard Innates could drastically increase a person's power, they had very little effect on the development of a person's Soul Tier.