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Status Chapter
Name: Jeanne D’Arc

Age: 329

Race: Human

Level: 8

Allegiance: Innate

Soul Strength: 3

Karma: 3,019,442

State: Active

Hair: Ash-Grey

Eye: Pale-Blue

Height: 154cm

Weight: 53.1kg

Bust Size: 83.2cm

Waist Size: 61.4cm

Hip Size: 84cm

Status: Virgin

Name: Jeanne D'Arc

Age: 329

Race: Human


-Power: 6993+(A843)

-Endurance: (-)

-Dexterity: 6993+(S994)

-Agility: 6993+(S901)

-Magic: 6993+(A871)

Total: 42,672+(5709)

Soul Tier: 3 (Lord Soul)

[Karma]: 3,019,442

Skills: [Perennial Saintess:Innate: SSS], [Voice of the World:Innate: SS], [Precise Strike:SSS], [Sweeping Blow:SSS], [Shield Stance:SSS], [Shield Slam:SS], [Armorbreaker:SS], [Chasing Strike:SS]

Magic: [Holy Ray:SS], [Healing Touch:S], [Sacrament:S]

Development Skills: [Fealty of the Knight:Innate: S], [Child of Light:Innate:D], [Grandmaster Swordsman:A], [Unbreakable: C], [Null-Magic Aura:B], [Grandmaster Shieldbearer:B], [Master Spearman:B], [Armsmaster:A], [Cooking: A]



Rank Name Description Chapter
SSS Perennial Saintess Innate Skill

so long as Jeanne never lost her 'purity', she was completely impervious to all detrimental effects, including damage.

SS Voice of the World Innate Skill

basic level of Clairvoyance while also possessing the ability to 'speak' with the world itself to gain information. She could locate almost anyone, or anything, so long as she knew what the targets were. At the same time, she would be able to determine their approximate strength, if they were a 'good' or 'evil', and how much of a threat they posed to the world itself. The [Voice of the World] would also actively warn her about dangers, allowing Jeanne to detect threats much earlier than most, even without actively having to do so.

SSS Precise Strike Active skill that allows the user to strike the intended target with 100% accuracy. Doubles natural critical rate. 920
SSS Sweeping Blow Active skill that prevents the momentum of a blade from being deflected while cutting through enemies. Successfully cutting an enemy modifies Power by 10% for the duration of the strike.

Restriction: CD: 00M30S

SSS Shield Stance Active skill that doubles all physical and magical resistances for 0.5 seconds. 920
SS Shield Slam Active skill that allows the user to convert resistances into physical power after receiving an attack. Guaranteed stun chance on targets with resistance lower than the rank of the skill. Duration: 1-10S 920
SS Armorbreaker Active skill that rapidly reduces the equipment durability of an opponent with each strike. 920
SS Chasing Strike Active skill that allows the user to close the distance to a target, regardless of the difference in Agility and base speed. 920
SS Holy Ray Short-chant magic that creates a beam of light elemental energy that can pierce through heavily armored targets with ease. Deals double damage against targets with negative elemental energies. Range: 3,000m

Chant: Light's Judgment, Holy Ray~!

S Healing Touch Accelerates the natural healing of the target by 5000% during contact. Warning: Overuse of this magic can shorten the lifespan of the target considerably.

Chant: (-)

S Sacrement Four-verse magic that allows the user to amplify the parameters of allies by 10% for each successive verse.

Chant: [Because I could not attack for Allies, they did kindly attack for me. Pause to attack, as Allies do.]-[Companions, however hard they try, will always be stronger together. Do armies make you shiver? Together, we shall overcome.]-[One afternoon I asked myself, "Why do people oppose the Light?" Enemies are heinous. enemies are unworthy, enemies are ugly, let us begone with them.]-[Hope for freedom. Give freedom to those who have Hope. Sacred Sacrament, Divine Blessing~!]

S Fealty of the Knight Innate Development Ability

enhanced her combat abilities, especially if it was in service of the person she had pledged to protect, her base parameters were already enhanced greatly.

D Child of Light Innate Development Ability

allowed her to create and weave constructs out of pure Light Elemental energy

C 1005
A Grandmaster Swordsman Allows the user to comprehend the truth of the sword, overcoming the limits of both the body and mind with a blade in hand. Greatly enhances perception and mental acuity.

Third evolution of Swordsman

C Unbreakable User is completely immune to physical damage under a certain threshold.

Third evolution of Strong Defense

B Null-Magic Aura User is completely immune to magical damage under a certain threshold.

Third evolution of Magic Resistance

B Grandmaster Shieldbearer While using a shield, Endurance acts as a modifier for shield durability. Flat damage mitigation of 50% from all sources when blocking.

Third evolution of Shieldbearer

B Master Spearman Greatly increases proficiency with all rods and spears. Increases critical hit chance and allows attacks to pierce armored targets.

Second evolution of Spearman

A Armsmaster The user is able to demonstrate mastery of any weapon, armor, or item based on the rank of Armsmaster.

Super rare Development Ability from achieving Mastery in three unique combat styles

A Cooking Increases the efficacy of all actions related to cooking. Moderate enhancement to all senses while providing the ability to discern unique ingredients and flavor profiles. 920