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Saber's True Name is Lakshmibai.She was one of the leaders of Indian uprisings against the British Empire during 1857.

Though she claims to be possessed by the goddess Lakshima, she is actually possessed by Lakshima's sister, Alakshmi.


She stood around 159cm tall, possessing dark brown skin, sand-colored hair, and pale pink eyes. Her hair easily extended past her waist while two thick braids flanked both sides, flowing down her shoulders before coming to an end with two silver bands. She also had uniquely styled bangs, two perfectly arranged fringe bangs that broke into three separate pieces while, covering her ears, two large clumps forming what almost appeared to be droopy ears could be seen. Most notable, however, wasn't the woman's unique and exotic beauty, but the fact that Vahn could see the presence of 'fate' around her.

She wore a white, military-style garb that had been structured in a way that the back and shoulders were completely exposed. This was completed with a pair of white, borderline skin-tight pants that were somehow tucked into form-fit boots that miraculously extended up to her thighs.


Name Rani Lakshmibai Age Ageless
Race Human, Goddess (Sealed) Class Saber
Chapter 1063
Strength 40B Endurance 43B+
Agility 42B+ Magical Power 30C
Good Luck (-7)E-
Soul Tier 4 (Fragmented Divine) Origin
Noble Phantasm Nahin Denge: B
- Blessed by Misfortune:Innate
A Dawn Echo:Innate
A Alaksmi’s Heir:Innate
B+ Charisma of the Rani:Innate
B Assault on Sipahi
A Resistance of Gwalior
A Magic Resistance
B Riding
C Goddess’s Divine Core
C Marksmanship


Rank Name Description
- Blessed by Misfortune Innate Skill
A Dawn Echo Innate Skill
A Alaksmi’s Heir Innate Skill
B+ Charisma of the Rani Innate Skill
B Assault on Sipahi Empowers allies for a short period of time at the cost of massive stamina consumption.
A Resistance of Gwalior Allows the user and allies to survive otherwise fatal blows with a low probability. Greatly increases the chance of critical blows triggering on self and allies.
A Magic Resistance The user's ability to resist all magic of equal rank and lower. Provides moderate resistance to higher-ranked magics.
B Riding The user's ability to use any type of animal or vehicle as a mount, guaranteeing proficiency equivalent to the skill's rank and lower.
C Goddess’s Divine Core Allows attacks to ignore defense when landing direct blows. Greatly increases resistance to all forms of debuffs.
C Marksmanship The user's ability to use ranged weapons, guaranteeing proficiency with all ranged weapons equal to the skill's rank and lower.