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Lefiya Viridis is a second class adventurer and a member of the Loki Familia. She is a mage training to succeed Riveria Ljos Alf. She has a magic that allows her to use any Elf Magic, hence the alias Thousand Elf.

She is an earnest and devout follower of Vahn who is also a closet pervert. She is still somewhat prone to delusions but, after spending more time with Vahn, has become better at controlling them. One day, she wants to become the most powerful mage in the world so she can stand by the young boy who she wholeheartedly calls 'Master'. Though it is still a bit early for her, Lefiya also wants to have children of her own after seeing the beautiful daughters already born to Vahn.

Though she loves Vahn she also loves Ais and tends to kiss her during their threesomes. So overall Lefiya is bisexual.






Stats Chapter
Name: Lefiya Viridis

LV. 3

POW: 371<-Original-Retcon->421+(I58)->(I159)

END: 538<-Original-Retcon->692+(I72)->(I74)

DEX: 1069<-Original-Retcon->1281+(H122)->(H125)

AGI: 1113<-Original-Retcon->1459+(H149)->(H154)

MAG: 1998<-Original-Retcon->1998+(G208)->(G215)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:D], [Concurrent Chanting:E]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:D], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:Innate(sealed)], [Mage:H->Retcon(C)], [Abnormal resistance:I->Retcon(G)]

Name: Lefiya Viridis

LV. 3

POW: 421+(I59)->(H119)

END: 692+(I74)->(H150)

DEX: 1281+(H125)->(G202)

AGI: 1459+(H154)->(G243)

MAG: 1998+(G215)->(D577)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:D->C], [Concurrent Chanting:E], [Prometheus:A]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:D->C], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:Innate(sealed)], [Mage:C], [Abnormal resistance:G->F], [Spirit Healing:(sealed)]

Name: Lefiya Viridis

LV. 3(+)

POW: 421+(H119)->(G238)

END: 692+(H150)->(D557)

DEX: 1281+(G202)->(F330)

AGI: 1459+(G243)->(F304)

MAG: 1998+(D577)->(SS1008)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:C->B], [Concurrent Chanting:E], [Prometheus's Blessing:A]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:C], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:Innate(sealed)], [Mage:C->B], [Abnormal resistance:F], [Spirit Healing:(sealed)]

Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Elf

LV. 3(+)

POW: 421+(G238)->(G294)

END: 692+(D557)->(S913)

DEX: 1281+(F330)->(B798)

AGI: 1459+(F304)->(S908)

MAG: 1998+(SS1008)->(SSS1708)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:B->A], [Concurrent Chanting:E->D], [Prometheus's Blessing:A]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:C], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I], [Mage:B], [Abnormal resistance:F], [Spirit Healing:(sealed)]

Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Elf

LV. 3->4

POW: 421+(G294)->(G298)->(I0)

END: 692+(A913)->(A933)->(I0)

DEX: 1281+(B798)->(A811)->(I0)

AGI: 1459+(S908)->(S912)->(I0)

MAG: 1998+(SSS1708)->(SSS1893)->(I0)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:A], [Concurrent Chanting:E], [Prometheus's Blessing:A]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:C], [Elf Ring:C]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I], [Mage:B], [Abnormal resistance:F], [Spirit Healing:I](new)

Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Elf

LV. 4

POW: 421+(G298)->(I0)->(H119)

END: 692+(A933)->(I0)->(F301)

DEX: 1281+(A811)->(I0)->(F316)

AGI: 1459+(S912)->(I0)->(G282)

MAG: 1998+(SSS1893)->(I0)->(D515)

Skills: [Fairy Cannon:A], [Concurrent Chanting:E], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Ros Sanitatem:I](new)

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C], [Fusillade Fallarica:C], [Elf Ring:C->B]

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I], [Mage:B], [Abnormal resistance:F], [Spirit Healing:I->E]

Name: Lefiya Viridis

Race: Sacred Tree Fairy Spirit

LV. 4(+)

POW: 719+(H119)->(G207)

END: 1625+(F301)->(D547)

DEX: 2092+(F316)->(C620)

AGI: 2371+(G282)->(E498)

MAG: 3891+(D515)->(A939)

Skills: [Fairy Queen's Domain:Innate:B](new), [Fairy Cannon:A], [Concurrent Chanting:E->C], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Ros Sanitatem:I->H]

Magic: [Rattatoskr:Innate:(sealed)], [Arcs Ray:C->B], [Fusillade Fallarica:C->B], [Elf Ring:B], [Sagitta Magicka:F](new)

Development Abilities: [Daughter of Wishe:I->D], [Mage:B->A], [Abnormal resistance:F->E], [Spirit Healing:E->C]



Rank Name Description Chapter
D Fairy Cannon Increases the efficacy of magic. Effect doubles when used with attack magic. Active Trigger. 398
C 478
B 480
A 484
E Concurrent Chanting Allows the user to chant while moving about even under intense strain. Provides enhanced control over magical energy and prevents backlash from chant disruption. 398
D 484
C 742
Sealed Rattatoskr Innate Magic 398
C Arcs Ray Single-target homing magic. Twice as effective against dark elemental entitities and the undead.

Chant: Unleashed streak of light, bow limbs of the holy tree. You are an expert of the bow. Shoot, sniper of the fairies. Penetrate, arrow of absolute accuracy

B 742
D Fusillade Fallarica Wide area attack magic that rains fire down upon enemies.

Chant: Proud warrior, snipers of the forest. Take up your bows before the advancing plunderers. Answer the call of your brethren and ready your arrows. Tinge them with flame, the lamplight of the forest. Release them, the fire arrows of the fairies. Falling like rain, burn away the savages

C 478
B 742
C Elf Ring Summon Burst Magic that is able to use any Elven Magic. Requires the user to know the chant of each magic used and have the requisite amount of mana required for both spells.

Chant: I wish upon the name of Wishe. Ancestors of the forest, proud brethren. Answer my call and come to the plains. Connecting bonds, the pledge of paradise. Turn the circle and dance around. Come, ring of fairies. Please - give me strength

B 648
Sealed Daughter of Wish Innate Development Ability 398
I 480
D 742
C Mage Improves magic power, widens effect range, and increases the efficacy of all magic. Creates a magic circle under the user when chanting magic. 398
B 480
A 742
G Abnormal Resistance Nullifies abnormal status effects such as poison under the given rank. 398
F 478
E 742
A Prometheus's Blessing Growth dependant on the strength of the caster that applied this blessing. As long as the originator lives, the recipient of this blessing will experience rapid growth based on their feelings for the originator. If the feelings fade, the flame seed within the heart will dwindle before eventually burning out. 459
I Spirit Healing Automatic mind regeneration. Begins regenerating mind at a small rate after magic use. 494
E 648
C 742
I Ros Sanitatem Absorbs natural elemental energy through the raiment, allowing the user to greatly increase their own mana regeneration. Allows for the creation of 'sacred water', which can regenerate any non-fatal injuries.

Voice Trigger: Adeat!

H 742
B Fairy Queen's Domain Innate Skill 742
F Sagitta Magicka The caster creates a number of elemental magic missiles and fires them at the target. 742
Archmage Greatly improves the power, effect, and range of all magic. Forms magic circles beneath the caster that can protect from magic. 766