Summary[edit | edit source]

Lefiya Viridis (レフィーヤ・ウィリディス) is a second class adventurer and a member of the Loki Familia. She is a mage training to succeed Riveria Ljos Alf. She has a magic that allows her to use any Elf Magic, hence the alias Thousand Elf.

She is an earnest and devout follower of Vahn who is also a closet pervert. She is still somewhat prone to delusions but, after spending more time with Vahn, has become better at controlling them. One day, she wants to become the most powerful mage in the world so she can stand by the young boy who she wholeheartedly calls 'Master'. Though it is still a bit early for her, Lefiya also wants to have children of her own after seeing the beautiful daughters already born to Vahn.

Though she loves Vahn she also loves Ais and tends to kiss her during their threesomes. So overall Lefiya is bisexual.

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