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[Parallel Thinking:B],
[Parallel Thinking:B],
[Golden Rule:B]|phantasm = [Uomo Universale]|rank = EX|circuit_quality = EX}}
[Golden Rule:B]|phantasm = [Uomo Universale]|rank = EX|circuit_quality = EX|caption1=|bloodline=|place_of_origin=|talents=|affiliation=|lovers=|offspring=[[Sophia Mason]]|allies=|enemies=|father=|mother=|siblings=|relatives=|guardian=|servants=|war=|summoning_catalyst=|irregular_classes=|circuit_quantity=|magical_output=}}
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Caster's True Name is Leonardo da Vinci, a genius branded as omnipotent. A person of Europe’s 15th~16th Century. A prominent genius who provided a lot of influence on the advancement of civilization and who left his name behind in human history. Although he is recorded to be a peerless handsome young man, a matchless pretty boy————this is in fact his appearance. Regardless, age and gender has no effect before a true genius. Doctrines and fashion may change with the times, but there is merely one truth. Whatever happens, da Vinci is the unrivaled omnipotent one!.

Leonardo Da Vinci.jpg

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