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An incredibly petite young girl who was saved by Vahn within the dungeon. The first girl Vahn had saved as well as his first official 'Disciple'. Vahn helped her train to overcome her weakness, and it is her dream to stay at his side and grow stronger together.


a small pallium female



Lili had been born into the Soma Familia as a result of her parents sleeping with each other without considering the consequences of their actions. Because her Mother had been on Soma, while also ingested several other detrimental things like drugs, Lili had actually been a slightly premature baby and had been even frailer than most Pallums. Though they had resulted in her creation, her parents weren't actually married and were simply members of the same Familia so there was no real love between them at all. They both saw Lili as nothing more than a 'convenience' that would one day be able to make their own earnings easier. If she was especially useful, they wouldn't have to work nearly as hard because they could get her to earn money for them...

By the time she was old enough to comprehend her own tragic situation, Lili was already being forced to work by her parents at the ridiculous age of three. However, her tragic fate had only just begun since, not long after they had put her to work both of her parents actually ended up dying within the Dungeon as the result of falling prey to a Monster Party. Lili was left alone in a Familia full of criminals and scoundrels and, now that she didn't have the 'protection' of her parents, she was quickly exploited by others that wanted to make use of her for the same reason as her parents. This meant Lili spent her formative years, the most important period of her life, knowing nothing by pain, exhaustion, and the exploitation of others...

In an effort to change her fate for the better, Lili actually tried to increase her own earnings and become 'independent' at the tender age of five years old. However, as a result of the fact she was only around 70cm tall at the time and was even weak by a Pallum's standards, there was absolutely no way she could become an Adventurer. She didn't have any real equipment, other than broken pieces she had picked from the garbage, and there was absolutely no way the Guild condoned her venturing into the Dungeon. This meant she had absolutely nothing supporting her growth while also having a much harder starting point than almost anyone else in the entire world...

Lili failed to become an Adventurer and, after having nearly died to a goblin, which was actually much taller than she was, Lili fell into an even more tragic state as she was derided by her own 'companions' for her 'lack of talent'. As a result, Lili spent the rest of her life from then onwards with only a moment of reprieve when she ran away and was taken care of by an old couple. Since her existence was 'convenient' for them, however, the Soma Familia tracked her down and 'punished' her for trying to escape instead of knowing her 'place'.


Status Chapter
Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 1

POW: I63 ->I91

END: I98 -> H107

DEX: H170 -> H183

AGI: G223 -> G250

MAG: F351 -> F353

Skill: [Artel*Assist:E], [Atlas: Innate(sealed)]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:C]

Development Skill:

Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 1->2

POW: I91->A887 - I10->F302

END: H107->S941 - I10->E417

DEX: H183->C676 - I10->H123

AGI: G250->D598 - I10->H106

MAG: F353->B811 - I10->G285

Skill: [Artel*Assist:E->C], [Atlas: Innate(sealed)], [Prometheus's Blessing], [Oniyuri:H](new)

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:C->B]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:G](new)

Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 2(+)

POW: 887+(F302)->(D517)

END: 941+(E417)->(C652)

DEX: 676+(H123)->(F312)

AGI: 598+(H106)->(E429)

MAG: 811+(G285)->(C631)

Skill: [Artel*Assist:C->B], [Atlas: Innate:I], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Oniyuri:H->D]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:B->A]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:G->F], [Spearman:(sealed), [Swordsman:(sealed)], [Crush:(sealed)]

Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 2(+)

POW: 887+(D517)->(S943)

END: 941+(C652)->(A805)

DEX: 676+(F312)->(D558)

AGI: 598+(E429)->(C666)

MAG: 811+(C631)->(SS1002)

Skill: [Artel*Assist:B], [Atlas: Innate:I->G], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Oniyuri:D]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:A]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:F], [Spearman:(sealed), [Swordsman:(sealed)], [Crush:(sealed)], [Fist Strike:(sealed)]

Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 2(+)

POW: 887+(S943)->(SSS1236)

END: 941+(A805)->(SS1001)

DEX: 676+(D558)->(C669)

AGI: 598+(C666)->(B757)

MAG: 811+(SS1002)->(SS1040)

Skill: [Artel*Assist:B], [Atlas: Innate:G->F], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Oniyuri:D->C]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:A]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:F->E], [Spearman:(sealed), [Swordsman:(sealed)], [Crush:(sealed)], [Fist Strike:(sealed)], [Spirit Healing:(sealed)]

Name: Liliruca Arde

Race: Pallum

LV. 2->3

POW: 887+(SSS1236)->(SSS1243)->(I0)

END: 941+(SS1001)->(SS1006)->(I0)

DEX: 676+(C669)->(C672)->(I0)

AGI: 598+(B757)->(B759)->(I0)

MAG: 811+(SS1040)->(SS1044)->(I0)

Skill: [Artel*Assist:B->A], [Atlas: Innate:F], [Prometheus's Blessing:A], [Oniyuri:C]

Magic: [Cinder*Ella:A]

Development Skill: [Abnormal Resistance:E], [Spirit Healing:I](new), [Spearman:(sealed), [Swordsman:(sealed)], [Crush:(sealed)], [Fist Strike:(sealed)]



Rank Name Description Chapter
E Artel*Assist When the user is carrying a certain amount of weight, the skill will help compensate in abilities. The amount compensated depends on the weight 48
C 362
B 472
A 494
Sealed Atlas Innate Skill 48
I 472
G 473
F 484
C Cinder*Ella Transformation magic 48
B 362
A 472
A Prometheus's Blessing Growth dependant on the strength of the caster that applied this blessing. As long as the originator lives, the recipient of this blessing will experience rapid growth based on their feelings for the originator. If the feelings fade, the flame seed within the heart will dwindle before eventually burning out. 362
H Oniyuri Enhances physical parameters while decreasing the physical parameters of enemies hit by this skill. Has poor mana efficiency. 362
D 472
C 484
G Abnormal Resistance Negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison. 362
F 472
E 484
I Spirit Healing Automatic mind regeneration. Begins regenerating mind at a small rate after magic use. 494
Simia Regina crimson red staff with golden bands attached to it. It had the quality of being indestructible and being able to change both its size and weight at her whim. 668
Cantus Bellax Form of physical reinforcement used by a mage in preparation for close combat. 677


  1. Finn tried to make his wife but outright refused by her and even got attacked.