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The Loki Familia (ロキ・ファミリア) is an exploration type Familia that is led by Loki.


The Loki Familia Emblem

Twilight Manor.png

The Loki Familia home is known as the Twilight Manor (黄昏の館). The Twilight Manor is described to be huge structure built on a small area of land. Multiple tall towers overlap and support each other, with the middle tower being the tallest. The home is also described as being carved out from flames.


Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Loki God God God None Active
Finn Deimne Pallum Adventurer Top Executive/Captain 6 Active
Riveria Ljos Alf High Elf Adventurer Top Executive/Vice-Captain 7 Active
Gareth Landrock Dwarf Adventurer Top Executive 6 Active
Ais Wallenstein Human Adventurer Executive 7 Active
Tione Hiryute Amazoness Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Tiona Hiryute Amazoness Adventurer Executive 7 Active
Bete Loga Werewolf Adventurer Executive 6 Active
Lefiya Viridis Elf Adventurer Unknown 6 Active
Anakitty Autumn Cat People Adventurer None 4 Left Familia
Alicia Forestlight Elf Adventurer None 4 Active
Cassandra Ilion Human Seer Member 2 Active
Daphne Lauros Human Cassandra's Caretaker Member 2 Active