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A young bounty hunter and ally to Chloe who works at the Hostess of Fertility. Known as the 'Black Fist' within the underground community, she has no official alias. Has a straightforward and caring disposition, but is also known for her bouts of anger and aggression. Likes to punch things when she is frustrated. She became Vahn's tenth woman in ch. 346.




Born in a war ridden country parents died and was abandoned to a orphanage. Due to not be cared for the ran from the orphanage later joined the Seto familia. She swindled of her money by her first lover and eventually found out that her did it to others in order to raise members for a corrupt organisation as prostitutes to pay of his debt. She eventually goes to Oriaro due to her familia's god going to heaven



Status Chapter
Name: Lunoire Faust

LV. 4(+)

POW:???? (B703)->(B705)

END:???? (C678)->(C682)

DEX:???? (D511)->(D514)

AGI:???? (D523)->(D526)


Skills: [Alks Mara:Innate(sealed)], [Phantom Left:B], [Illusory Right:B], [Knockout Blow:A], [Dragon Claw:C]

Magic: -

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:A], [Crush:C], [Fist Fighter:B]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Alks Mara Innate Skill 520
B Phantom Left Issue a strike with the left hand faster than the eye can follow. (Active Trigger) 520
B Illusory Right Distorts space around the right arm to make an unpredictable strike. (Active Trigger) 520
A Knockout Blow Punches have a high chance of ignoring defense. 520
C Dragon Claw Greatly increases grip strength. (Active Trigger) 520
A Fist Strike Greatly increases striking potential and efficacy of bare-handed combat. Allows the user to shape energy in the hand and imbue it into their strikes. Naturally enhances critical hit rate and provides a moderate increase to agility. 520
C Crush Greatly increases critical hit rate when equipped with heavy weapons. The heavier the weapon, the greater the increase. 520
B Fist Fighter Increases proficiency in all striking techniques using fists. Increases critical hit rate. 520
Mons Taurus she could make the raiment harder than Adamantine and that it multiplied her strength in increments of ten 668