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Luvia has long golden blonde hair styled entirely in large coils. She physically resembles Rin somewhat, furthering speculation that the younger Edelfelt sister from the Third Holy Grail War may have married into the Tohsaka family.

Similar to Rin, she wears ribbons in her hair. In contrast to her rival, Luvia's signature colour is blue; she wears a long blue dress with sleeves that are easily detachable for combat purposes.




Name Luviagelita Edelfelt Age 28
Race Human Chapter 1162
Strength 7E Endurance 12D
Agility 6E Magical Power 3E
Good Luck 23C Circuit Quality 21C
Soul Tier 3 (Lord Soul) Origin War, Star, Wealth
B Noble Discernment:Innate
C Call of the Battlefield:Innate
Sealed Astraea's Heir:Innate
EX Golden Rule
B Charisma
B Martial Arts
B Etiquette
C Dancing
B Od Conversion
B Conversion
B Catalyze
A Jewel
A Reinforce
D Mystic Code
D Magic Coat
A+ Gandr
E Restoration
E Familiar
E Projection
E Alchemy


Rank Name Description
B Noble Discernment Innate Skill
C Call of the Battlefield Innate Skill
Sealed Astraea's Heir Innate Skill
EX Golden Rule The user's fortune concerning their ability to acc.u.mulate wealth. At this rank, it is possible for the user to acc.u.mulate all the world's treasures.
B Charisma The natural ability to command an army and inspire allies. At this rank, the user is qualified enough to lead a country.
B Martial Arts The culmination of all martial skills that have been learned by the user. Increases spatial awareness and enhances the efficacy of strikes.
B Etiquette The knowledge and experience to allow the user to navigate high-society with elegance and grace. Due to the user's nature, this skill has a chance to be negated under specific circ.u.mstances.
C Dancing The natural grace to follow a tempo and move the body in an elegant fashion. At this rank, the user is competent enough to avoid embarrassment during a Ball.
B Od Conversion Aids in the replenishment of Od by converting external Mana into internal Magical Power.
B Conversion Allows the user to infuse their magic into magically conductive objects.
B Catalyze Increases the magical conductivity of an object.
A Jewel Allows the user to store Magical Power into gemstones that can be later activated at near-instantaneous speeds, reducing the need for incantations.
A Reinforce The efficiency of converting Magical Power into a form that can increase the strength, durability, and maximum output of an object, person, or place.
D Mystic Code Increases the efficacy of magical weapons that the user commonly uses.
D Magic Coat
A+ Gandr A physical curse magic that takes on the form of a hazy black laser than can punch through magically enhanced armor. Due to special modifications, the size and shape can be adjusted with extreme precision, drastically increasing offensive power and versatility.
E Restoration Allows the user to use Magical Power to mend the wounds of a target. Has minimal effect when applied to self.
E Familiar Allows the user to program artificial constructs to carry out simple tasks.
E Projection Allows the user to convert Magical Power into temporary physical constructs.
E Alchemy Allows the user to manipulate the shape and form of matter.


- Possible design inspiration may have been Karin from Street Fighter 3 Alpha