• [Magie Erebea]

Use : Allows the user to absorb offensive magic spells into their body, greatly enhancing their capabilities depending on the spell absorbbed. Grants Immortality (Realm] to the user and allows for instantaneous regeneration unless hit by counter-elemental magic.

Chant (user spell): (-), Fixate, Seize. Load magic, 'Armement' !

Secondary Chant (ennemy spell): Will of an Emperor. Endless Empathy. No mercy.

  • [Master Hunter]

Use: Greatly enhances abilities against monsters the user has fought and gained exilia from. The greater the number of enemies the user has slain, the more fearful monsters of that type become.

  • [Métallurgie]

Ullows the user to sense anomalies within metal and understand it's composition

  • [Molodia Bellax]

Use : Advanced form of [Cantux Belax] that greatly enhances Agility and Perception.

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