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Mash Kyrielight

Mash Kyrielight In the year 2000, Mash was created from artificial fertilization and genetic editing. She is actually a Designer Baby, a magus genetically engineered under the orders of Chaldea's late director, ‎Marisbury Animusphere, to be a prime vessel for a Heroic Spirit's soul. The project aimed to control the powers of Heroic Spirits by binding them to a compatible mortal vessel in order to produce Demi-Servants.

In 2010, when Mash was aged 10, Chaldea performed their second Heroic Spirit summoning. While the project succeeded in summoning and binding a spirit to Mash, the spirit failed to awaken. Galahad decried Chaldea's brutal experiments but remained in the world to keep his host alive.

After the research team deemed the project a failure, Mash was left to Chaldea's care. However, due to being a genetically engineered organism not dissimilar to a Homunculus, her life-span was set since her conception. She was given eighteen years to live and while she was aware of this fact, she kept it a secret between herself and Dr. Romani, her physician.


Mashu has lilac hair, lavender eyes and fair skin.

In her casual outfit, Mash wears rectangular frame glasses, a grey hoodie over a black shirt over a white-collar shirt, a red tie, a black skirt and tights and brown shoes. In her Demi-Servant outfit Mash wears skin-tight black armor that resembles an extremely short mini-dress that exposes her butt and reveals her panties. There is a hole that exposes her stomach area. She also wears black gauntlets and boots, a garter on her right thigh, a large cross-shaped shield and she doesn't wear her glasses.

Height: 158cm

Weight: 46kg

Loyalty: Above 5 digits