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The former owner of an Inn, that Vahn once stayed. Her daughter, Tina was pursuing Vahn. She was kidnapped and experienced a tragic treatment in ch. 188 (details in ch. 191) by envious males working under a Goddess, Laverna, who wanted Vahn's wealth. Although she treated everyone in terms of how useful they were for her daughter Tina's future, she eventually accepted Vahn in ch. 435 under the premise that she wouldn't have to bear his child. This made her Vahn's fourteenth woman.






Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Eclipse Innate Skill

allow her to sap the strength of her opponents, increasing her own

Provocator Scutum enhance her defenses greatly while allowing her to forcefully 'pull' attacks towards her shield.

Anything contacting the mirror-like surface seemed to be completely absorbed, allowing Milan to store the energy of the attack in the 39 small runes circling the shield.

At any point, she could release the stored energy in the form of a powerful counterattack that would send out a wave of neutral energy in a directed shockwave towards her enemies.

could only activate the defensive aspects of the shield every three seconds and there was a cooldown depending on the strength of the counter...