Introduction[edit | edit source]

Demon Archer's True Name is Nobunaga Oda, the King of Innovation and legendary warlord of the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama Periods of Japan, and older sister of Oda Nobukatsu. Her moniker "Devil King of the Sixth Heaven" was based on the severe acts of destruction carried out during her campaign.

The soldier of fortune from the Warring States Period, she was called the "Big Fool of Owari" in her childhood.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She had long black hair, which extended past her hips, possessing a somewhat wild quality to it, even though it seemed sleek at the same time. At the same time, it glowed with a subtle red sheen, almost as if it had been washed with blood if the 'aura' radiating from her was to be believed. This, combined with her sharp eyes that practically screamed 'confidence'.Her clothing that looks like a military uniform is something she prepared herself out of hobby upon being summoned as a Servant.She had a blood-red cloak that cascaded down to her ankles while her calves and feet were adorned with peculiar golden greaves that had black gemstones embedded into the knees.

Status[edit | edit source]

Name: [Oda Nobunaga]

Age: Ageless

Race: Human

Strength: 30C

Endurance: 43B

Agility: 33C

Magical Power: 41B+

Good Luck: 47B++

Soul Tier: 3 (Fragmented Lord)

Noble Phantasm: [Three Thousand Worlds: Three Line Formation:E~A]

Origin: Anti-Divine, Purpose

Skills: [Loved by Fate:Innate:SS], [Child of the Stars:Innate:B], [Conquerer’s Oath:Innate:B], [Tenka Fubu:A], [Demon King:A], [Strategy:B], [Magic Resistance:B], [Independent Action:B]

Magic: (-)

Magecraft: (-)

[Tenka Fubu]

Rank: A

Passive: User becomes stronger in the presence of any entity of Divine origin.

Active: Attacks against entities of Divine origin have a high chance of ignoring resistances.

[Demon King]

Rank: A

Passive: Recognized as an evil entity by the world, regardless of alignment.

Active: Increases parameters based on the amount of malice targetted towards the user.


Rank: B

Use: The user’s ability to plan and make sound decisions under pressure.

[Magic Resistance]

Rank: B

Use: The user’s ability to resist magic attacks equal to the skill’s rating and lower.

[Independent Action]

Rank: B

Use: The user’s ability to act independently without relying on a Master’s support. Significantly reduces mana consumption when outside of combat.

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