She is the daughter of ‎Marisbury Animusphere, who is the Lord of the Astronomy Faculty. She is a member of the prestigious Animusphere family of magi. As one of the top ten families in the Clock Tower, she has a reputable name.

Status Ch 1211

Name: [Olga Marie Animusphere]

Age: 22

Race: Human, God(sealed)

Strength: 2E > 3E

Endurance: 4E > 7E

Agility: 2E > 3E

Magical Power: 3E > 11D

Good Luck: 4E > 37B

Circuit Quality: 20C

Noble Phantasm: ???

Origin: Star, Time

Skills: [Priestess of Celestial Bodies:Innate:C],[Star of Misfortune:Innate:(sealed)] > [Beacon of Prosperity:Innate:E], [Charisma:D], [Eidetic Memory:D], [Mathematician:A], [Pianist:B], [Singing:C]

Magic: (-)

Magecraft: [Od Conversion:C], [Conversion:C], [Astronomy:B > A], [Prophecy:C], [Constellation:E], [Catalyze:D], [Reinforce:D > C], [Curse:D], [Magic Coat:C], [Gandr:B], [Restoration:E > D], [Familiar:E > D], [Projection:E], [Alchemy:C]


Rank: A

Use: Denotes a mastery of mathematical theory and the user’s comprehension of advanced formulas.


Rank: B

Use: The user’s skill when playing the piano. At this rank, they are qualified enough to consider themselves a professional approaching mastery.


Rank: C

Use: The ability to match vocal pitch and rhythm, producing a sound that others find pleasant to hear. At this rank, the user would easily be able to mesmerize a crowd with their song.


Rank: E

Use: Allows the user to create advanced magic circles tied to various constellations. The functionality of this form of Magecraft is highly dependent on the comprehension and intent of the user. At this level, the user is able to create small obs of starlight that can inflict heavy damage to malevolent entities or heal the wounds of allies.

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