Rider's True Name is Ozymandias (オジマンディアス, Ojimandiasu), a person from the 13th~14th Century BC, a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt who governed over a vast empire. He is also known as Ramesses II (ラムセス二世, Ramusesu Nisei) and Meryamen (メリアメン, Meriamen).

A wise ruler and exemplary statesman who, while fighting the Hittites, eventually made peace and brought about a thriving prosperity to ancient Egypt by means of "cultural exchange and interaction". He is in particular a valorous general, and a man who had married the world's most beautiful women and fathered over a hundred children. Even in the current era, he is famous for leaving behind a large number of various colossal constructions. He loved the masses just like Osiris would, and he was greatly loved by the people in return. The very golden age of ancient Egypt is during his longstanding reign of 7X years.

There are numerous cases of the name Moses, often raised as his foster brother whom he had grown up together with, being brought up. According to an existing anecdote, the Egyptian sovereign who prevented the "Exodus" of the Jews with his rule, then utilized a great army to pursue them, is considered to be none other than this Ozymandias.

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