Destroy the Goblin Tribe

  • Rank: D
  • Objective: Find the source of the goblin scourge before further damage is done.
  • Rewards: 1,000 OP, Quest Function Unlocked, 1x [Effigy of Hero].
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Goblin Chief escapes, 7 days pass. (Remaining time: 6D 23H 57M).
  • Penalty: 100 Karma, Quest Function Locked.

Birth of a Legend

  • Rank: SS
  • Objective: Exchange 1,000,000 OP with the system to obtain a random weapon.
  • Rewards: Gacha Function Unlocked, 10+1 Premium Gacha Pull, 1,000 Karma.
  • Failure Condition: Death, 12 Months pass [364D 23H 58M], Spend more than 100,000 OP [4,997/100,000]
  • Penalty: All items within the inventory destroyed. Shop Function disabled for 12 months. Equipment items become cursed for 1 month.

Origin of Heroes

  • Rank: S
  • Objective: Impregnate a goddess (0). Ensure a safe delivery
  • Rewards: 1,000,000 OP, 1x [Guardian], 1x [Heroic Tale]
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Goddess Death, Child’s Death
  • Penalty: Lose All Karma

Rescue Sanjouno Haruhime

  • Rank: C-S
  • Objective: Rescue Sanjouno Haruhime from her captors.
  • Optional Objective: Defeat/kill the captors: 0/10
  • Rewards: Upgrade Function Unlocked, 10x [Upgrade Stones], 14,000OP
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Sanjouno Haruhime’s Death, Escape of [Hidden].
  • Penalty: 600 Karma, ‘Upgrade’ Function Sealed for Duration of Record

I Shall Seal The Heavens

  • Rank: SSS
  • Objectives: Obtain 100,000,000,000 OP and purchase a [Dimensional Anchor: Stasis] from the system shop.
  • Rewards: All unlocked functions in ‘The Path’ evolve, 3x [Spirit Vessels], 1x [Enlightenment Stone].
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Failure to obtain the required amount of OP before leaving the record.
  • Penalty: Danmachi Record inaccessible until Soul Tier 8, All Karma Nullified after leaving the record.

I Shall Return

  • Rank: SSS
  • Objectives: Complete Quest: [Origin of Heroes] (6/9). Establish ‘Eternal Bonds’ with gods that possess Primary Divinities related to Time, Space, Bonds, and Fate (1/4).
  • Rewards: Reduction of requirements for Quest: [I Shall Seal The Heavens]. 10x Reduction in necessary Origin Points.
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Exiting the Record Before Completion.
  • Penalty: Danmachi Record inaccessible until Soul Tier 8, 10,000 Karma based on conditions (5/12).

The Path of an Emperor Begins with the First Step

  • Rank: Zenith
  • Objectives: Unify the Continent of Eden (2/9), Conquer the Living Dungeon Tartarus (0/1), Form a Divine Council with a God of every Major Divinity (19/30).
  • Optional Objectives: [Curiosity] Form a Harem with at least one member of every race (30/59), [Inspiration] Acquire 10,000 Followers, Subordinates, or Retainers (9/10,000), [Might] Overcome the restriction of Level 10 (6/10), [Virility] Sire 100 Children (19/100).
  • Rewards: 10,000,000,000 OP, Quest Creation System Function Unlocked, 1x [Innate Awakening Pill], 1x [Page of the Akashic Tome].
  • Failure Conditions: Forfeiture of Main Quest Chain.
  • Penalty: Record Backlash, Divine Law Cataclysm Initiated.

Salvation of the Moon Goddess

  • Rank: SSS
  • Objectives: Liberate [Artemis] from Antares (0/1), Restore the Bodies of Artemis Familia Members to a Complete State (0/19), Perform ‘Nirvana Rebirth’ on Artemis Familia Members (0/19).
  • Optional Objectives: Save Lante (0/1).
  • Rewards: 10,000,000 OP, 3x [Unique Gacha Coupon]
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Artemis’ Death, Antares Complete Awakening
  • Penalty: 30,000 Karma, Curse: [Moon’s Mourning] In Effect Until Leaving Record

Genesis Path: Dawn of Creation

  • Rank: Zenith
  • Objectives: Obtain Divinities related to: Space [48%], Time [19%], Creation [92%].
  • Optional Objectives: [Breath of Life] Successfully bind a soul to an organic vessel: [0/1], [Beyond the Flesh] Successfully bind a soul to an inorganic vessel: [0/1], [Divine Father] Create ‘Unique’ lifeforms: [0/10], [Little Garden] Create a Personal Dimension using own power and comprehension: [0/1].
  • Rewards: 10,000,000,000 OP, 1x [Little Realm Guardian Contract], 1x [Book of the Dawn], 1x [Book of the Dusk], 1x [Book of the Twilight].
  • Failure Conditions: Forfeiture of Main Quest Chain.
  • Penalty: Spatial Collapse of Inhabited Record Due to Instabilities in Space, Time, and Creation Laws.

Return to the Root

  • Rank: SSS
  • Objectives: Ensure that Astario Vale Hoenheim (0/1), Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg (0/1), Kanada Vaisheshika (0/1), Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern (0/1), Eruru Alexis Emiya (0/1), Kyrie Alternis (0/1), and Aoko Aozaki (0/1) are returned to the Root Designation: Akasha.
  • Optional Objectives: Disrupt any Holy Grail Ritual (Current: 0), Remove all traces of the Akashic Verses from variable timelines (Current: 0), Assist in the execution of other Type Directives (Current: 0).
  • Rewards: 10,000,000,000 OP, 1x Proto-Archetype: ADAM, 1x Proto-Archetype: EVE.
  • Failure Conditions: Expulsion from the Record, Failure to Complete Main Objectives Before Leaving the Record.
  • Penalty: N/A

Cup of Heaven

  • Rank: S
  • Objectives: Become a Master within the Holy Grail War (0/1), Defeat the Servants of all Rival Masters (0/6), Obtain access to the Greater Grail (0/1).
  • Optional Objectives: Obtain the Servant of a Rival Master (0/6), Destroy the Lesser Grail (0/1), Destroy the Greater Grail (0/1).
  • Rewards: 1x [Grace of the Root], 20x [Artificial-Command Seal].
  • Failure Conditions: Expulsion from the Record, Death of Servant (Variable), Failure to Secure the Lesser and Greater Grails.
  • Penalty: 1,000 Karma, Curse: [Bearer of the World’s Evil].

The Title of Master

  • Rank: B
  • Objectives: Enter into a Master-Disciple relationship with any individual tied to the World’s Fate (0/-).
  • Optional Objectives: Convince your Disciple to become: Subordinate, Retainer, or Follower.
  • Rewards: 100,000 OP.
  • Failure Conditions: Expulsion from the Record.
  • Penalty: N/A

Taming the Beast ( Chapter 1104 )

  • Rank: SS
  • Objectives: Reach 100 Love with [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] (52/100), Reach 100 Love with [Cath Palug] (17/100), Synchronize the Magic Circuits of [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] and [Cath Palug] (0/1), Gain the recognition of both [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] and [Cath Palug] as an authority figure (0/2).
  • Optional Objectives: [Beastly Passion]: Have Sex with the fused form of [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] and [Cath Palug] (0/10), [Progenitor Genes]: Impregnate the fused form of [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] and [Cath Palug] (0/1), [Master of Beasts]: Reach 100,000 Loyalty with [Cath Palug].
  • Rewards: 500,000,000OP, 1x [Collar of Sealing], 1x [Brand of the Beast].
  • Failure Condition(s): Ejection from the Record, Love Parameter of [Illyasviel Von Einzbern] or [Cath Palug] reaches 0.
  • Penalties: 10,000 Karma, [Primate Murder] released into the world, Death of [Illyasviel Von Einzbern].

Grace of the Moon ( Chapter 1200 )

  • Rank: B
  • Objectives: Meditate beneath the light of the moon for 1,000 hours. Time is reduced based on the phases of the moon and the focus of the user (0/1000).
  • Optional Objectives: Increase comprehension of Water Elemental Laws through meditation (0/1000), Increase comprehension of Ice Elementa Laws through meditation (0/1000), Increase comprehension of Yin Elemental Laws through meditation (0/1000).
  • Rewards: 300,000 Variable Experience, 1x [Moon’s Grace], 1x [Proof of Loyalty].
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Failure to complete Quest within stipulated time: (364D 23H 58M 14S).
  • Penalty: Afflicted with Curse [Jad Ice Marrow] for the duration of one year.
  • Current Variable Experience: 0

Gorgon’s Heiress ( Chapter 1200 )

  • Rank: C
  • Objectives: Befriend a total of 100 snakes (49/100).
  • Optional Objectives: Befriend 20 different species of snakes (4/20).
  • Reward: 50,000 Variable Experience, 20x [Familiar Contract].
  • Failure Condition: Death.
  • Penalty: N/A

Moulting I ( Chapter 1200 )

  • Rank: C~S
  • Objectives: Bathe in water between 100~105°C for one hour: (0/10), Bathe in water between -5~0°C for one hour: (0/10), Bathe under direct sunlight for one hour (0/100).
  • Optional Objectives: Sleep surrounded by more than one-hundred different snakes for an hour: (0/100).
  • Reward: 70,000 Variable Experience, 1x [First-Layer Molting Pill].
  • Failure Condition: Death, Failure to complete Quest within stipulated time (29D 23H 58M 19S).
  • Penalty: Incomplete molting may occur.

Apostate of Hecate ( Chapter 1200 )

  • Rank: S
  • Objectives: Obtain Hecate’s blessing by conducting the Red Moon Ritual (0/1), Reach 100 Love with another person (33,993/100)
  • Optional Objectives: Sacrifice 100 virgin lambs on the night of the full moon (0/100).
  • Rewards: 3,000,000 Variable Experience, 1x [Chastity Belt], 1x [Pendant of the Moon’s Promise].
  • Failure Conditions: Death, Failure to obtain Hecate’s Blessing, Loss of Virginity before Quest’s completion.
  • Penalty: Death

Emergence of the Beast Queen ( Chapter 1201 )

  • Rank: SS
  • Objectives: Convince entity [Cath Palug] to fuse with the host (0/1), Integrate Magic Circuits with entity [Cath Palug] (0/1).
  • Optional Objectives: Obtain 100 Love with entity [Vahn Mason] (99/100), Obtain an oath of love from entity [Vahn Mason] (0/1).
  • Rewards: 300,000,000 Variable Experience, 1x[Beast Queen’s Divine Raiment].
  • Failure Conditions: Death, [Cath Palug]’s refusal.
  • Penalty: Affection between host and [Cath Palug] reset to 0 (3,411/100).

World Power ( Chapter 1202 )

  • Rank: SSS
  • Objectives: Defeat a total of ten Dead Apostle Ancestors designated by the Holy Church (0/10), Slay or subordinate Solon Yggdrasil, Director of the Mage’s Association (0/1), Slay or subordinate Mavis Maxwell, Pontiff of the Holy Church (0/1), Slay or subordinate any weilder of True Magic (0/1).
  • Optional Objectives: Purify the Crimson Moon Curse from Arcueid Brunestud (0/1), Destroy the Enforcement Division of the Mage’s Association (0/8), Destroy the Burial Agency of the Holy Church (0/8), Slay or subordinate one of the three Monarchal Lords associated with the Mage’s Association (0/1).
  • Rewards: 5,000,000,000OP, 1x [Heaven’s Mandate], 1x [Seal of Heaven], 1x [Imperial Regalia].
  • Failure Conditions: Expulsion from the Record, Destruction of Avalon, Deaths of more than ten allies (0/10).
  • Penalty: 1,000,000 Karma.

Beyond the Boundary: A World in the Palm of One’s Hand

  • Rank: Zenith
  • Objectives: Obtains Divinities related to Space and Time (0/2), Create a personalized Reality Marble (0/1), Anchor Reality Marble to a physical object (0/1).
  • Optional Objectives: [God of the Garden] Create a total of 100 Unique existences to populate your Reality Marble, [Lord of Isolation] Separate your Reality Marble from the axis of Space and Time (0/1), [God Emperor] Have a total of 8 Primary Gods or 72 Lesser Gods inhabit your Reality Marble (0/8 - 0/72).
  • Rewards: 10,000,000,000 OP, World Management System Function Unlocked, 1x [Innate Awakening Pill].
  • Failure Conditions: Forfeiture of Main Quest Chain.
  • Penalty: Record Backlash.

Path of the Liberator I

  • Rank: Zenith
  • Objectives: Ascend to Tier 5, Break free from the restraints of the Root System: Akasha (0/1), Negotiate with / or Destroy Termina Nasu (0/1).
  • Optional Objectives: Destroy or reprogram other Root Systems (0/?).
  • Rewards: 1,000,000,000,000 OP, 1x [Record Breaker], 1x [Page of the Akashic Tome].
  • Failure Conditions: Forfeiture of the Main Quest Chain.
  • Penalty: Expulsion from the Record, Root System: Akasha terminated.

Gaia's Champion

  • Rank: SS
  • Objectives: Protect Gaia until departure from the Record.
  • Optional Objectives: Increase Rapport between Gaia and Alaya (0/100), Increase Rapport between Gaia and Tiamat (0/100), Help Gaia make Friends (0/10), Summon Grand Servants to protect Gaia (0/7).
  • Rewards: 900,000,000 OP, Gaia's Loyalty permanently increased to 'Eternal Loyalty', 1x [Emblem of the Guardian God].
  • Failure Conditions: Expulsion from the Record, Failure to complete Main Objective.
  • Penalty: N/A
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