The Red-Haired Woman who worked for Enyo as a Creature. She later tried to attack and kidnap Vahn, only to fail and get captured. Vahn saw that she wasn't innate Evil and made her Human again, while she lost her memories for it.


Revis had blood red hair and green eyes along with a cold expression. She originally wore a light colored battle cloth, but switched to her current red one that looked like she took it from an adventurer she killed.


Status Chapter
Name: Rufina Vermillion

Race: Human, Creature(partially-awakened)

LV. 4

POW: (C616)

END: (S946)

DEX: (D563)

AGI: (C602)

MAG: (H117)

Skills: [Voice of the World: H](Innate), [Indominus:D](Innate), [Piercing Thrust:S], [Command Howl:B], [Rallying Spirit:B], [Crushing Strike:C], [Nature Armament:D]

Magic: [Flame Enchant:B]

Development Abilities: [Master Hunter:H], [Abnorma Status Resistance:A], [Swordsman:A], [Tamer:C], [Acrobatics:(sealed), [Tracking:(sealed), [Fist Strike:(sealed)]



Rank Name Description Chapter
H Voice of the World Innate skill 658
D Indominus Innate skill 658
S Piercing Thrust Allows the user to ignore a large portion of the target's defenses.

Passive Trigger

B Command Howl Allows the user's voice to be heard by allies even during chaotic moments. Greatly increases the distance the user's voice travels.

Active Trigger

B Rallying Spirit When fighting in a group, enhances the parameters of everyone allied to the user for a short period of time.

Active Trigger

C Crushing Strike Overhead strikes with greatswords have a greater chance of dealing critical hits.

Passive Trigger

D Nature Armament Allows the user to create nature weapons by consuming a large amount of mana. Capabilities of the weapon depending on the emotional state of the user and the amount of mana consumed.

Active Trigger

B Flame Enchant Coats weapons and armor with flame elemental energies, greatly enhancing damage potential and causing burn status effect on enemies.

Chant: Burn, Consume, Turn To Ashes! Flame Enchant~!

H Master Hunter Greatly enhances abilities against monsters the user has fought and gained exilia from. The greater the number of enemies the user has slain, the more fearful monsters of that type become. 658
A Abnormal Status Resistance Negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison of skill's level and below 658
A Swordsman Increases comprehension of sword skills and techniques. Provides a slight increase to the kinetic vision and spatial awareness of the user. 658
C Tamer Increases the odds of successfully taming monsters and other creatures of low intelligence. 658

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