Name: [Rin Tohsaka]

Age: 27

Race: Human, God(sealed)

Strength: 2->4E

Endurance: 3->6E

Agility: 5->8E

Magical Power: 2->13D

Good Luck: 27C+

Circuit Quality: 22C

Noble Phantasm: ?

Origin: Divine, Quintessence, Gem

Skills: [Child of Destiny:Innate:C], [Ishtar's Heir:Innate:(sealed)], [Charisma:D], [Martial Arts:D], [Parallel Thinking:E]

Magic: (-)

Magecraft: [Od Conversion:B], [Conversion:A], [Catalyze:B], [Jewel:A], [Reinforce:B], [Mystic Code:D], [Magic Coat:C], [Gandr:C], [Restoration:D], [Familiar:E], [Projection:E], [Alchemy:E]

Skills Info



Passive: Moderately improves the way in which enemies and allies alike view the user.

Active: Increases the parameters of allies during group battles.

[Martial Arts]

Rank: D

Use: The culmination of all martial skills that have been learned by the user. Increases spatial awareness and enhances the efficacy of strikes.

[Parallel Thinking]

Rank: E

Passive: Slightly increases the user's mental capacity.

Active: Allows the user to have two individual thought processes running simultaneously.


Rank: A

Use: Allows the user to infuse their magic into magically conductive objects.


Rank: B

Use: Increases the magical conductivity of an object.


Rank: A

Use: Allows the user to store Magical Power into gemstones that can be later activated at near-instantaneous speeds, reducing the need for incantations.

[Mystic Code]

Rank: D

Use: Increases the efficacy of magical weapons that the user commonly uses.


Rank: C

Use: A physical curse magic that takes on the form of a hazy black laser that can punch through reinforced concrete barriers.


Rank: D

Use: Allows the user to use Magical Power to mend the wounds of a target. Has minimal effect when applied to self.


Rank: E

Use: Allows the user to program artificial constructs to carry out simple tasks.


Rank: E

Use: Allows the user to convert Magical Power into temporary physical constructs.


Rank: E

Use: Allows the user to manipulate the shape and form of matter.

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