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  • Vice-Captain of the Loki Familia who now resides within the Hearth Manor. Her true identity is that of the Princess of the High Elves, daughter of the Elven King, Larfal Ljos Alf. After opening her heart to Vahn, and making a promise to work hard for the benefit of all races, Riveria ended up bearing his child. Though she struggles with the knowledge that her people are still suffering as a result of their hubris and corrupt ways, Riveria believes that her people will one day live happily amongst the other races.
  • After Vahn completed the design for a magic tool [Sage Aldrnari's Blessing] to allow Elves (High Elves and Half Elves as well) to get pregnant easier and stay pregnant, he took Riveria's virginity in chapter 610, making her Vahn's twenty-first woman. She married Vahn in chapter 608, becoming Vahn's third wife. As a result of having to test the device to make sure it functions correctly, Riveria was impregnated in chapter 610 as well.





Status Chapter
Name: Riveria Ljos Alf

Race: High Elf, Spirit(sealed)

LV: 6

POW: H188->H189

END: G204

DEX: D520->D522

AGI: E445->E448

MAG: A828-A831

Skill: [Freyr's Blessing:Innate(sealed)], [Concurrent Chanting:B], [Fairy Anthem:A], [Alf Regina:A]

Magic: [Wynn Fimbulvetr:A], [Rea Laevateinn:S], [Vas Windheim:A], [Liv Illusio:B], [Veil Breath:A], [Via Shilheim:S], [Fil Eldis:A], [Luna Aldis:A], [Van Alheim:A]

Development Ability: [Yggdrasil's Roots:Innate(sealed)], [Mage:A], [Treatment:A], [Abnormal Resistance:C], [Spirit Healing:A], [Magic Resistance:A]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Freyr's Blessing Innate Skill 362
B Concurrent Chanting Allows the user to chant while moving about even under intense strain. Provides enhanced control over magical energy and prevents backlash from chant disruption. 362
A Fairy Anthem Increase the effect of all magical spells based on mana used and chant length. 362
A Alf Regine Enhances all magical abilities of elves within the user's magic circle. Converts all magical energy of elves within the circle to mana and absorbs it to enhance the efficacy of all magic spells. 362
A Wynn Fimbulvetr Extreme cold Magic that uses Ice and Time elemental laws

Chant: Harbinger of the end, the white snow. Blow with the wind before the twilight. Closing light, the freezing land. Blizzard, the three severe winters - my name is Alf

S Rea Laevateinn Wide area Annihilation Elemental magic to seeks out enemies and tears their bodies apart in an indefensible tornado of devastation.

Chant: The flame will soon be released. Creeping war, unavoidable destruction. The horn of battle sounds aloud, the cruelty of conflict will envelop all. Come, crimson flames, the ruthless inferno. You are the avatar of hellfire. Sweep completely, bring a close to the great war. Burn them through, Sword of Surtr - my name is Alf

A Vas Windhelm Wide area magic that uses Wind and Space elemental laws to create a vacuum that causes instantaneous decompression in enemies and boils their insides.

Chant: Lord of the Void, hear my call. Let unto mine enemies the suffering of absence. Soundless cries, endless suffering, rob mine enemies of their very breath. Those that seek compassion and absolution will fall into the eternal abyss, never seeing the light. Embrace all that will never be, expand into nothingness. Reaper's embrace, bringer of solitude - my name is Alf

B Liv Illusio Absolute Barrier magic that blocks physical attacks. Mana cost based on damage received.

Chant: Become a barrier of light to shield mine allies against harm - my name is Alf

A Veil Breath Provides resistance against physical and magical attacks while also providing minimal regeneration effect. Duration: Dependant on mana used and damage received.

Chant: Assemble, breath of the land - my name is Alf

S Via Shilheim Absolute Barrier Magic that blocks physical and magical attacks. Mana cost based on damage received.

Chant: Dance around spirit of the atmosphere, lord of light. Contract with the guardian of the forest, and envelop us with the song of the land. Surround us become a great barrier of forest light and protect us - my name is Alf

A Fil Eldis Light Healing magic that regenerates flesh and heals status abnormalities. Minimal mana cost.

Chant: Breath of recovery - my name is Alf

A Luna Aldis Medium Healing magic that regenerates flesh and heals status abnormalities. Moderate mana cost.

Chant: Return to form - my name is Alf

A Van Alheim High Healing magic that can even reattach lost limbs and remove most status abnormalities. Massive mana cost.

Chant: The Light calls you back. Return from the darkness of the abyss. Break free from despair - my name is Alf

Sealed Yggdrasil's Root Innate Development Ability 362
A Mage Improves magic power, widens effect range, and increases the efficacy of all magic. Creates a magic circle under the user when chanting magic. 362
A Treatment Improves the efficacy of all healing spells and support magic. 362
C Abnormal Resistance Nullifies abnormal status effects such as poison under the given rank. 362
A Spirit Healing Greatly increases the recovery rate of mental energy and mana. 362
A Magic Resistance Greatly increases resistance against all magical attacks. 362
Discipulus Aeternitatis it could apparently be used to 'scan' and analyze any object, item, or monster using an eye-shaped aperture on the front. The book would then record the details of whatever Riveria scanned, embedding them within the page and allowing her to even track the price changes of objects within the market. 669
Archmage Greatly improves the power, effect, and range of all magic. Forms magic circles beneath the caster that can protect from magic. 766