Taciturn girl that dislikes showing public affection.


Ryuu was born into a tribe of Elves that cultivated 'sacred trees' that were used to create various staves and artifacts for use by the somewhat oppressive High Elves. Their family had been the servants of some of the smaller noble houses for generations and there was even a sickening instance where Ryuu's mother, a kind looking Elven woman, 'casually' explained to her how to 'cope' with the situation if a High Elf decided to **** her. She was told not to resist or 'cause trouble' since it would impact their entire family if she offended one of them...

Ryuu eventually fled her home forest. Soon after arriving in Orario, which she had learned from several caravans was the 'beacon of light' for all races, she quickly found herself as a member of the Astrea Familia which was full of beautiful and capable women that had righteous principles, even if some of their dispositions were questionable.

For several years, Ryuu was relatively happy and felt like she was accomplishing something worthwhile with her life and had even made several strong bonds, especially with Astrea, Alise Lovell, Gojouno Kaguya, and the sly Pallum, Lyra. Unfortunately, Ryuu's happiness didn't last long at all and she learned the hard way that evil was drawn to the light, not to escape the darkness, but in an effort to snuff out the brilliance of would-be heroes. Her entire Familia, with the exception of herself and their goddess, was wiped out on an expedition to the 37th floor after falling into a trap set by the evil organization, Evilus. Ryuu barely escaped with her life and spent all of her days after that trying to seek vengeance against the cruel-hearted individuals that had robbed her of her happiness. Eventually, after going on a killing spree that lasted nearly two months, Ryuu found herself having vanquished the majority of Evilus but on death's doorstep in the pouring rain after having succ.u.mbed to injuries obtained during a fight with Chloe and Lunoire.

ust as Ryuu believed she was about to breath her last, she managed to escape the battle with the assistance of Arnya and came across Syr in an alleyway. Fortunately, the two bounty hunters learned that they had fallen into the scheme of a lesser criminal organization and everyone ended up compromising later as they all joined the Hostess of Fertility as a cover for future operations. Syr nursed Ryuu back to health and both Chloe and Lunoire apologized to her for the incident and promised to make it up to her in time...

For the better part of three years, Ryuu had slowly started to regain her happiness by associating with the other 'damaged' girls at the Hostess of Fertility. Due to a promise she made with her deceased best friend, she became interested in Vahn after they touched hands. The current Vice-Captain of the 'Hestia Familia' and Fenrir's Guardian within the dungeon.


  • Vahn's eleventh woman
  • Hates showing affection in public
  • Is considered to be a natural stress reliever with a great aura that causes relaxation by Vahn
  • Lost virginity - ch. 347


Status Chapter
Name: Ryuu Lion

Race: Elf

LV. 4

POW: F385

END: F311

DEX: B798

AGI: A804

MAG: C645

Skill: [Aeolus:Innate(sealed)], [Fairy Serenade:C], [Mind Load:C], [Aero Mana:A], [Concurrent Chanting:A]

Magic: [Sovereign of the Wind:Innate(sealed)], [Luminous Wind:B], [Noah Heal:D]

Development Skill: [Hunter:B], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Magic Resistance:C]

Name: Ryuu Lion

LV. 4(+)

POW: 1637+(F385)->(E400)

END: 1583+(F311)->(F317)

DEX: 2371+(B798)->(A808)

AGI: 2409+(A804)->(A813)

MAG: 2018+(C645)->(C652)

Skill: [Aeolus:Innate(sealed)], [Fairy Serenade:C], [Mind Load:C], [Aero Mana:A], [Concurrent Chanting:A]

Magic: [Sovereign of the Wind:Innate(sealed)], [Luminous Wind:B], [Noah Heal:D]

Development Skill: [Hunter:B], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Magic Resistance:C]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Aeolus Innate Skill 291
C Fairy Serenade Increases the efficacy of magic at night. 291
C Mind Load Increases power in proportion to the amount of mana imbued into attacks. 291
A Aero Mana Greatly increases attack power based on how fast the user is running. 291
A Concurrent Chanting Allows the user to chant while moving about even under intense strain. Provides enhanced control over magical energy and prevents backlash from chant disruption. 291
Sealed Sovereign Of The Wind Innate Magic 291
B Luminous Wind Attack Magic that summons green stardust to attack the enemy

Chant: In the sky of a now distant forest. Infinite stars scattered in the endless night sky. Respond to my foolish voice, give me now divine protection of starfire. Give the mercy of light to the one that abandoned you. Come, wandering wind, the wandering traveler. Cross the sky and run through the wilderness, run faster than anything else. Imbue the light of stardust and destroy the enemy

D Noah Heal Healing magic that is capable of healing wounds and restoring the target's stamina

Chant: The song of a now distant forest. The nostalgic song of life. Please bring the mercy of healing to those that seek you

B Hunter Improves abilities against monsters that the user has fought before and gained exilia from 291
B Abnormal Resistance Nullifies abnormal status effects such as poison under the given rank. 291
C Magic Resistance Increases resistance against all magical attacks. 291
Meteoron Imber it functioned as both a bow and a magical staff since it was able to enhance other spells and magic.

Ryuu was able to channel Star Energy and forming it into an arrow. It was a very pure and pristine energy that seemed like it could pierce through anything. It had a powerful suppressive effect on anything comprised of negative energy.


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