Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Wiki
  • [Sagitta Magica]

Use: Creates elemental magic arrows that can home in on targets.

Chant: Gather, (-) spirits of (-), (-) my enemy. Magic Arrows, Series of (-).

  • [Spirit healing]

Increas the recovery rate of mental energy and 'source'.

  • [Stealth]

An active ability that allow the use to conceal their presence. Prolonged use of the skill has diminishing returns.

  • [Summoner]

Use: Allows the user to commune with the spirits and enhances the efficacy of summoning magic. 

  • [Swordsman] 

Increases comprehension of sword skills and techniques. Provides a slight increases to the kinetic vision and spatial awareness of the user. 

  • [Soul Imprint]

Rank: EX Passive: The user has the ability to infuse their soul into other objects. Active: Allows the user to fragment their soul, splitting their form or infusing it into various objects. Even if these objects are destroyed, the fragment will invariably return to the user.

  • [Soul Transference]

Rank: EX

Active: Allows the user to transplant the souls of other people into vessels of their own creation. This Skill grants the target with D-Rank [Regeneration], B-Rank [Od Conversion], and EX-Rank [Foreign Body Immunity].