Introduction[edit | edit source]

Lancer's True Name is Scáthach, a female warrior-queen from Celtic Mythology's Ulster Cycle. The queen and gatekeeper of the foreign territory/haunted ground called the "Land of Shadows", she is a prodigy of spearmanship and Rune magecraft. She possesses a power immense enough to obtain control over and close the gate of the "Land of Shadows", which is overflowing with countless ghosts, to ward off the dead.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Scáthach is an extremely beautiful woman. She has long purple hair and red eyes, and wears a full-body outfit that highlights her curvaceous body, with metallic shoulder pads.

Status[edit | edit source]

Name Scáthach Age Ageless
Race Human, Divine Spirit Class Lancer
Chapter 1046
Strength 44B+ Endurance
Agility 50A++ Magical Power 37C
Good Luck 20D
Soul Tier 4 (Fragmented Divine) Origin Spear, Slaughter, Divine, Bestow
Noble Phantasm Gáe Bolg Alternative: Myriad Spears of Slaughter:B~A
Gate of Skye:SS
SS Blood-Stained Phantasm:Innate
SS Pathfinder:Innate
S Scáthach:Innate
- Wisdom of the Haunted Ground:Innate
SS Clairvoyance
A Magic Resistance
B God Slayer
SSS Primordial Rune
SS Overload

Skills[edit | edit source]

Rank Name Description
SS Blood-Stained Phantasm Innate Skill
SS Pathfinder Innate Skill
S Scáthach Innate Skill
- Wisdom of the Haunted Ground Innate Skill
SS Clairvoyance Passive: Allows the user to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and value of all objects.

Active: Allows the user to read the flow of a battle, determining the most likely outcome. With a special ceremony, this efficacy of this skill can be pushed to the level of prophecy.

A Magic Resistance The user's ability to resist all magic of equal rank and lower. Provides moderate resistance to higher-ranked magics.
B God Slayer The culmination of the user's mastery, pushed to such extremes that even Gods and Divine Spirits are not beyond the ability of the user to kill. So long as there is the intent to kill, provides a massive increase to parameters against entities of Divine origin.
SSS Primordial Rune The precursor to [Rune Magic], dating far back to the Age of Gods. Consists of a series of thirty-nine runes that allow the user to use B~S-Ranked Magecraft without the need for chants. True mastery has allowed the user to reach the point that runes need not be inscribed on any surface as even the void itself will suffice.
SS Overload The user's ability to expel Magical Power before reabsorbing into the body. Upon taking in external Magical Power, all of the user's parameters are increased depending on the quality and quantity of the consumed energy.
Noble Phantasm
B~A Gáe Bolg Alternative: Myriad Spears of Slaughter
SS Gate of Skye Scáthach temporarily summons a massive gate to the Land Shadows and it sucks in all life forms in range. If the target fails to resist it with one's Mana or Luck stat, they're sucked into the gate and are instantly killed. Scáthach can choose specific targets on whether to allow them access or not. Even if resisted, the targets' mana is rapidly drained and they take major damage.
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