Name: [Tamamo-no-Mae], [Daji], [Kayō], [Bao Si], [Mikotto]

Age: 3,091, [Ageless]

Race: Nine-Tailed Divine Fox Spirit, Goddess(sealed)

Loyalty: (-), [Eternal Loyalty(conditional)]

Soul Strength: 5(sealed)

Karma: 114,093,552

State: [Active]

Skills: [Vessel of the Sun Goddess:Innate:EX(sealed)], [Tamamo-no-Mae:Innate:EX(-)], [Child of Destiny:Innate:A], [Witchcraft:Innate: EX(SS)], [Songmaiden of Moonlight:Innate:C], [Shapeshift: A], [Fox's Wedding: EX], [Curses: EX], [Divinity: A], [Bridal Training: EX], [Sexual Techniques: S], [Dancing: A], [Singing: A], [Service: A], [Cooking: A], [Court Etiquette: B], [Territory Creation: C]

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