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[Terra Evergreen] A unique entity formed from the amalgamation of two records, The Earth Dragon, Terra, and the Queen of the Spirits, Evergreen. As an entity formed to be the embodiment of peace, they are unable to exercise their might in the majority of combat situations but have incredible support potential. Within a given area, they are able to exercise rudimentary control over nature, with their power growing further the longer their roots are embedded within the soil. Proper nourishment could even give them full control over the planet, so take proper care of the one who bears this record, lest you face the wrath of the planet itself!


  • [Terra Evergreen]

Age: 7 months 19 days (Ageless)

Race: True Dragon

LV. 4

POW: G293

END: C629

DEX: H144

AGI: D572

MAG: C696

Skill: [Avatar of the Earth:B], [Guardian of Nature:C], [Healing Sap:C], [Aroma Therapy:B]

Magic: -

Development Skill: [Pacifism:C]

Loyalty: 92

Soul Strength: Tier 1 (Named Familiar)

Karma: -

State: [Active], [Chrysalis

  • [Terra Evergreen]

Race: True Dragon

LV. 10(-)

POW: A806

END: SSS1905

DEX: SSS3117

AGI: C618


Skill: [Avatar of the Earth:B], [Guardian of Nature:C], [Healing Sap:B->A], [Aroma Therapy:S], [Chant Shortening:C->B], [Activation Key:A-S], [True Dragon's Roar:C], [Nature's Touch:B](new)

Magic: [Cantus Bellax:B->A], [Reflexio:S], [Evocatio:A], [Shundo:D], [Koku Shundo:H], [Void Transference:B->S], [Sagitta Magica:S->SS], [Pnoē Petrās:S], [Kakon Omma Petrōseōs:C->A], [Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum:F->C], [Ho Monolithos Kiōn Tou Haidou:H->E], [Columnae Caeli:H](new)

Development Skill: [Pacifism:B], [Arch Mage:H->G], [Well of Spirit:H](new), [Summoner:D->B]


  • [Avatar of the Earth]

Rank: Innate(B) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Passive: Allows the user to exercise dominion over the land in a given area. Proper nourishment is required to sustain their growth and they can become sick if the land in the area is polluted.

Active: Strengthens allies within their territory while weakening enemies.

  • [Guardian of Nature]

Rank: Innate(C) *Innate skills cannot be identified. Attempts to do so will result in a backlash.*

Passive: Nourishes plant life and greatly accelerates their growth.

Active: Creates a 'Nature Spirit Guardian' that siphons natural energy in the surroundings to defeat enemies.

  • [Pacifism]

Rank: C

Use: Increases parameters when out of combat. Sharply decreases parameters if the user builds negative emotions.

  • [Aroma Therapy]

Rank: B

Use: Allows the user generates a fragrance that is pleasant to all entities. Calms the mind of those that smell the fragrance and reminds them of fond memories.

  • [Healing Sap]

Rank: C

Use: Allows the user to produce sap that can be applied to wounds to rapidly regenerate damaged tissue. Can also be ingested and has a flavor reminiscent of honey and sugar dew.

  • [Chant Shortening]

Rank: C

Use: Allows the user to create magical phenomenon even without completing a chant. Mana loss dependant on the length of the chant skipped.

  • [Activation Key]

Rank: A

Use: Enhances the power of Magic by using a ritualized magic chant.

Active Trigger: Ara, Ara, Ara~?

  • [True Dragon's Roar]

Rank: C

Use: Release a thundering roar that can stun weaker enemies. Active Trigger

  • [Evocatio]

Rank: A

Use: Summon Spirits to aid the caster in battle. Parameters of the Spirits are dependant on the amount of mana infused into the spell.

Chant: I summon the Spirits of (-).

  • [Void Transference]

Rank: B

Use: Chantless magic that creates an anchor between two points and transfers between them without requiring movement. Distance and weight affect the mana cost greatly.

Chant: (-)

  • [Pnoē Petrās]

Rank: S

Use: Magic that creates an explosive cloud that petrifies anything that comes into contact with it.

Chant: Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes! Breathe out the time-stealing poison! Breath of Stone!

  • [Kakon Omma Petrōseōs]

Rank: C

Use: Magic that creates a penetrative beam of light that can petrify anything that comes into contact with it.

Chant: Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes! Light Placed into My Hand, Shoot Forth the Evil Look! Evil Eye of Petrification!

  • [Circulus Pilorum Nigrorum]

Rank: E

Use: Summons a swarm of petrification stakes and launches them outwards.

Chant: Ring of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation, Impale Those That Tread Upon the Earth!

  • [Ho Monolithos Kiōn Tou Haidou]

Rank: H

Use: Summons stone pillars and rains them down on a targetted location.

Chant: Oh, Temple of the sleeping dead beneath the earth, Appear from below us! Pillars of Hades!

  • [Arch Mage]

Rank: H

Use: Greatly improves the power, effect, and range of all magic. Forms magic circles beneath the caster that can protect from magic.

  • [Summoner]

Rank: D

Use: Allows the user to commune with the spirits and enhances the efficacy of summoning magic

  • [Nature's Touch]

Rank: B

Use: Causes natural energy to gather on the point of contact, greatly accelerating plant growth in the area. Active Trigger.

  • [Columnae Caeli]

Rank: H (Forbidden)

Use: Creates an isolated space using space and earth elemental energy, forcibly accelerating time within the targeted area.

Chant: Gaze into Eternity. See the Passage of History before thine eyes. Let nature reclaim all things in its motherly embrace. Pillar of Eternity, Gaea's Grace, Heaven's Pillar~!