Tiona Hiryute (ティオナ・ヒリュテ) is a first class adventurer and a part of the Loki Familia. She is the younger twin of the Hiryute Sisters.


Tiona has medium length black hair and brown eyes. Like all Amazonesses, she wears revealing clothing, wearing only a strip of cloth around her chest and a pareo around her waist, and always goes barefoot.


Tiona is an overly energetic Amazoness woman who likes teasing people, but is a caring friend. She isn't the type to use her brain, which she admits herself, and has a complex about her chest size compared to other women. She is also fond of hero stories and is equally as knowledgeable about the topic as Bell is.

Fun Facts

- Lost virginity to Vahn ch. 124

- Vahn's first female

- As an Amazoness, she doesn't have a hymen

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