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Tione Hiryute (ティオネ・ヒリュテ) is a first class adventurer and a member of the Loki Familia. She is the older twin of the Hiryute Sisters.



Tione is in love with Finn Deimne and gets angry when other women try to flirt with him. She used to use dirty language, but cleaned it up after meeting Finn. However, her language returns to normal whenever she gets angry.


She had grown up in Telskyura as a child born into the Kali Familia. She and Tiona had been 'offered' to the somewhat emaciated looking goddess as warriors to be raised for fighting within the Coliseum. In order to stay together, they were put through various trials and trained in completely different methods of fighting in order to split them apart and pit them against each other. Tiona had been taught by an Amazoness by the name of Argana Kalif while Tione had been mentored by Argana's twin sister, Bache Kalif. Both girls were the Captains of the Kali Familia. However, no matter how hard she tried, Kali was never able to get the twins to fight against each other.

Tione's memories were actually plagued with a severe inferiority complex for her own little sister instead of the desire for a hero and the will to escape their suffering by becoming stronger...

Tione hated how she was forced to constantly do battle against other children and how, no matter how many times she achieved victory, she was always compared to her more powerful younger sister. Tione didn't actually have a bad impression of Tiona at all, and she actually wished they could spend more time together as sisters, but that was something that wasn't allowed in their society..

Tione's master, Argana, was a cruel and ruthless Amazon that purported strength over everything. She constantly put her through harsh training to be able to overcome her own little sister but, every time they competed side-by-side, Tione found herself far behind her own twin. The only exception to this was when they were forced to fight each other and it made Tione feel like she was going to lose her mind because, no matter how poorly she treated Tiona during their duels, her younger sister never fought back at all. She would often have a silly smile on her face even when she was battered and bruised and, because of her failure to punish Tiona at the end, Argana would torment her during their training later.

Eventually, Kali gave them some grace when she got bored of watching their one-sided fights and allowed the two to earn their freedom by defeating one-hundred opponents without a single loss in the span of a single day. Even though they were only seven years old at the time, Kali proclaimed them to be capable a.d.u.l.ts and allowed them to leave the village in search of worthy mates. After that, Tione and Tiona became much closer but Tione always blamed herself for being the weaker sister and always 'tormenting' Tiona because of the teachings of Argana. Just like Tiona refused to fight, she had the same option yet chose to lash out in the hopes that her own torment would be easier later on. However, it took Tione far too long to realize that it was simply Argana's nature to torment others and it didn't even matter how she treated her own sister.

For several years, Tione wandered around the continent with her sister and was often saved by her whenever she lost her cool. Even though she caused so much trouble for Tiona, her 'little sister' never complained about the matters seriously and often played them off as a joke. This caused Tione to feel a great deal of frustration because she always felt like she was letting down her twin on every occasion. It wasn't until they finally arrived in Orario and suffered defeat at the hands of Gareth and Finn that the dynamic between them began to make a turn. Because of the age difference, Gareth never gave Tiona a chance and, even though Finn never actually returned her feelings, Tione felt like she had gotten her first real victory over Tiona.

Unfortunately, Tiona didn't seem to mind at all and simply went about life in a whimsical fashion as she steadily grew stronger and enjoyed each day to the fullest. Tione, however, found that pursuing Finn was quite a stressful life to live because, no matter how much effort she put in trying to get closer to him, he always refused her advances. Even when her body finally started to change, a fact she lorded over Tiona greatly, Finn still treated her like a child and, though he respected her feelings, never once gave her a chance. As time passed, Tione even realized she had become something of a gopher for the man that didn't have a place for her in his heart. Though it was painful, just spending time with him made her happy so Tione tolerated the fact that Finn treated her as a 'convenient' tool at times...


  • Lost virginity to Vahn in ch. 512, becoming his seventeenth woman
  • As an Amazoness, she doesn't have a hymen
  • Tione’s mother, Toofan Hiryute, is the current Hippolyta of the Amazonesses in Telskyura


Stats Chapter
Name: Tione Hiryute

LV. 5

POW: 3273+(H185)->(H191)

END: 3069+(H156)->(H163)

DEX: 3130+(H141)->(H144)

AGI: 3128+(H142)->(H145)

MAG: 788+(I71)->(I74)

Skills: [Titan Bruna:Innate(sealed)], [Wrath:Innate(sealed)], [Berserk: A], [Backdraft:B]

Magic: [List Iorum:E]

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:B], [Diving:A], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Healing Power:D]

Name: Tione Hiryute

LV. 5

POW: 3273+(H191)->(G268)

END: 3069+(H163)->(G250)

DEX: 3130+(H144)->(H187)

AGI: 3128+(H145)->(H192)

MAG: 788+(I74)->(H103)

Skills: [Titan Bruna:Innate(sealed)], [Wrath:Innate(sealed)], [Berserk: A], [Backdraft:B]

Magic: [List Iorum:E]

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:B], [Diving:A], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Healing Power:D]

Name: Tione Hiryute

LV. 5

POW: 3273+(G268)->(D503)

END: 3069+(G250)->(E486)

DEX: 3130+(H187)->(E429)

AGI: 3128+(H192)->(E443)

MAG: 788+(H103)->(H195)

Skills: [Titan Bruna:Innate(sealed)], [Wrath:Innate(sealed)], [Berserk: A], [Backdraft:B], [Saltatione Solis:F](new)

Magic: [List Iorum:E->D]

Development Abilities: [Fist Strike:B], [Diving:A], [Abnormal Resistance:B], [Healing Power:D], [Magic Resistance:(sealed)]



Rank Name Description Chapter
Sealed Titan Bruna Innate Skill 398
Sealed Wrath Innate Skill 398
A Berserker Greatly increases attack power every time the user takes damage with the effect increasing based on the anger of the user. Influences rationality based on anger levels in exchange for enhancing all parameters. 398
B Backdraft Raises the users attack power exponentially in a pinch. Guaranteed critical hit rate. 398
E List Iorum Binds the target based on probability and emotional state. Success rate dependant on magic parameter.

Chant: My desire that was sunk in the sea, my longing that was nurtured in the sea - the time has come. Shape yourself, bare your fangs, and become a snake. Escape the sea, cross the land, and cover the world. Capture time, stop time, and trample over time

D 648
B Fist Strike Increases striking potential and efficacy of bare-handed combat. Allows the user to shape energy in the hand and imbue it into their strikes. Naturally enhances critical hit rate and provides a moderate increase to agility. 398
A Diving Enables the user to swim as well as a fish underwater while also increasing the base power of physical attacks in the water. Greatly increases the ability of the user to resist pressure and enables them to hold their breath for a long period of time. 398
B Abnormal Resistance Nullifies abnormal status effects such as poison under the given rank. 398
D Healing Power Increases efficacy of healing items and magic on the user. Very moderate increase in natural regeneration and stamina recovery. 398
F Saltatione Solis Allows the user to redirect light around their body, obscuring the vision of enemies. The 'Sun Wheel' enables the user to attack from a range, becoming progressively faster and hotter depending on the distance from the user. The 'Sun Wheel' always returns to the user's hand and cannot damage their body.

Voice Trigger: Adeat!