Summary[edit | edit source]

A powerful Adventurer and Master Smith who serves as the Captain of the 'Hephaestus Familia'. Vahn's former Forging Master and the one who taught him how to defend himself against enemies and to act like a proper Adventurer.


Name: Tsubaki Collbrande

Race: Half-Dwarf

LV. 5

POW: A823->A865

END: B775->A841

DEX: S914->S939

AGI: D564->D583

MAG: D557->C689

Skill: [Cyclops:Innate], [Overheat:B], [Surge:D], [Dragon Killer:B], [Oniyuri:B]

Magic: [Will-o-Wisp:C] (A/N: I'm going with the idea that she taught the skill to Welf, since it doesn't make sense that he ever learned magic or read a grimoire when he wasn't even Level 2, or a blacksmith, by the time the original plot started.)

Development Skill: [Master Smith:G], [Hunter:B], [Fire Resistance:B], [Abnormal Resistance:C]


Rank: B

Use: Absorbs oxygen through the pores to increase blood flow. Causes the body to heat up and enhances all physical parameters. Massive stamina drain.


Rank: D

Use: Infuse mana into attacks to enhance their power.

[Dragon Killer]

Rank: B

Use: Enhance all physical parameters by 50% when fighting against Dragons. Enhance all physical parameters by 25% when fighting against Dragon-Subspecies.



Use: Enhances physical parameters while decreasing the physical parameters of enemies hit by this skill. Has poor mana efficiency.


Rank: C

Use: Super-Short-Chant Anti-magic fire that can disrupt other chants and cause magic to backfire.

Chant: Burn out, Illegal work~!

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

- Originally in a sort of denial state over her feelings for Vahn

- Likes to tease people, especially Vahn

- Kept a running total of wins and losses between her and Vahn

- Had her body reconstructed to Vahn's idea of a perfect her through use of [Hands of Nirvana] - ch. 331

- Vahn's thirteenth woman - ch. 395

- Using the [Matryoshka of Fertility], was impregnated by Vahn - ch. 395

- Completed a Far East ceremony to become Vahn's (first) official mistress - ch. 397

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