Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Wiki


Rank Type Name Description Owner Chapter


H Weapon Common Steel Dagger Slots: 0

P.Atk: 90(+10)

M.Atk: 10

A dagger forged with a unique refining technique to give it increased durability. The blade has been polished thoroughly to give it increased attack power.

Vahn Mason 7
H Weapon Common Steel Hatchet Slots: 0

P.Atk: 110(+10)

M.Atk: 0

A hatchet forged with a unique refining technique to give it increased durability. The blade has been polished thoroughly to give it increased attack power. Gives an enhancement when felling wood.

Vahn Mason 7
I Armor 3-Layered Wool Tunic (Brown) Torso Armor

Slots: 0

P.Def: 3 (Physical Defense)

M.Def: 1 (Magical Defense)

An insulated tunic that provides protection against the elements. Its three-layered function gives it basic waterproofing capabilities.

Vahn Mason 7
I Armor Common Linen Trousers (Black) Leg Armor

Slots: 0

P.Def: 2

M.Def: 1

A pair of trousers commonly worn by humans within the continent of Eden.

Vahn Mason 7
H Armor Tempered Leather Belt (Brown) Waist Armor

Slots: 2

P.Def: 1

M.Def: 0

A belt made from the hide of a minotaur. Possess a moderate durability and can hold two attached items.

Vahn Mason 7
I Armor Common Sheepskin Sandal (x2) Slots: 0

P.Def: 1

M.Def: 1

A common sandal that is worn by humans on the continent of Eden. Manufactured from sheepskin and hemp.

Vahn Mason 7
C Weapon Sun-kissed Yew Shortbow Slots: 1

P.Atk: 60+150(x30)

M.Atk: 0

A small bow made of flexible yew wood. It had undergone a special ceremony during it's crafting which causes it to emit a gentle warmth a smell similar to sunlight.

Vahn Mason 10
D Weapon Twined Steel Arrow Slots: 0

P.Atk: 150

M.Atk: 0

Arrows forged from steel that have been twined around a yew shaft giving them both flexibility and penetrative power.

Vahn Mason 10
B Weapon Runic Tempered Yew Shortbow Magic

Slots: 3

P.Atk: 0+0(x30)

M.Atk: 0+0(x30)

A yew bow bathed within the sap of a sacred tree for 10 years absorbing the essence contained within. The runes engraved upon the bow are a catalyst to allow magic to be imbued with the weapon increasing its output.

Vahn Mason 12
B Weapon Runic Tempered Bone Arrows Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 0

M.Atk: 0

Arrows carved from bones that had been soaked within the sap of a sacred tree for 90 days. The engraving along the shaft allowing the wielder to channel energy within the bolt to drastically increase penetrative power.

Vahn Mason 12
D Armor Handloomed Shadowsilk Tunic Slots:2

P.Def: 1

M.Def: 30

A tunic that was caringly woven using the silk produced by a special variant of silkworms nurtured in darkness among strong sources of Yin energy. Though it provides little defense, it greatly enhances stealth capabilities. It carries with it the creators' desire that the protector is kept from harm.

Vahn Mason 14
F Armor Scout's Ghillie Mantle Slots:0

P.Def: 2

M.Def: 0

A special mantle constructed to emulate the varying types of foliage found within the different forested terrains. When the user remains idle they are almost indiscernible from their surroundings.

Vahn Mason 14
A Weapon Runic Tamahagane Blade Magic

Slots: 2

P.Atk: 510+50

M.Atk: 180

A sword reforged countless time by a young blacksmith from the 'Far East' who aspired to become the greatest in the land. Upon his death, his friend enchanted the blade using an ancient technique in hopes that his friends' dream would become a reality.

Vahn Mason;

Ais Wallenstein

S Weapon Lion's Pride stylish bluish-blake straightsword with the motiff of a golden lion creating a flame-like pattern along the blade. It belonged to Milan's late husband. Milan Yuel's formal Husband; Vahn Maison 56
S-SSS Weapon Yi Slots:0



Use: Energy can be infused in this godly arrow to create the depiction of 10 Suns. Each Sun increases the Physical and Magical attack by 1000 points. Further channeling energy into the arrow will extinguish the suns and increase the arrows might. P.Atk/M.Atk + 10,000(number of suns extinguished). This arrow is restricted by the worlds 'laws' and cannot exceed the strength of four suns.

Vahn Maison 79
SSS Weapon Enkidu Slots:0

P.Atk: 100

M.Atk: 0

Ability: Indestructible, Piercing(Divine), Sealing(Divine), Soulbound(Vahn Mason)

Indestructible magical chains forged by the heavens to bind even the gods. The spears on the ends of the chains can pierce through anything, while the chains themselves can restrict everything. The stronger the Divinity of the target, the more powerful the binding strength.

Vahn Maison 135
C Weapon Tempest Slots:1

P.Atk: 240+90


Ability: Sharpness(B)

A sword forged by a blacksmith who showed careful consideration in its creation. It has been polished to an incredible extent and possesses a refined edge enabling it to show a cutting prowess far above similarly constructed swords.

Tione Hiryute 140
C Weapon Gale Slots: 1

P.Atk: 238+90

M.Atk: 141

Ability: Sharpness(B)

Sister-sword of [Tempest] and forged in a near identical manner. It has been polished to an incredible extent and possesses a refined edge enabling it to show a cutting prowess far above similarly constructed swords. Has a synergistic effect when wielded with its sister-sword.

Tione Hiryute 141
B Weapon Moon Piercer Magic

Slots: 1

P.Atk: 330+30

M.Atk: 441

Ability: Piercing(B), Hardening(C)

A simple spear that combines beauty and simplicity to create a form with terrifying efficiency. Under the moonlight, this weapon reflects a deadly glow that draws its victims into the night's eternal embrace. Weilder is empowered under the moonlight.

Finn Deimne 144
A Weapon Dance of the Amazon Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 911+90

M.Atk: 83

Ability: Impact Dampening(B), Hardening(C), Crushing Blow(A)

A gigantic weapon comprised of two blades meticulously crafted to be well balanced for ease of use. Uses a triple-layer-composite to increase the durability and striking potential of the weapon. This weapon carries the will of its creator and the hope that it will allow the wielder to dance freely amongst their enemies. Creates a thin barrier of wind around the wielder that increases agility.

Tiona Hiryute 157
A Armor Xuánwǔ Protector(s) Magic

Slots: 1

P.Def: 641

M.Def: 620

Ability: Durandal(A), Shock Absorption(B), Energy Compression(B)

Gauntlet inspired by one of the Four Sacred Beasts of a foreign land, Xuánwǔ. It possesses a marginal amount of the Xuánwǔ's capabilities and allows the user to emulate the might of the Sacred Beast.

Vahn Mason 166
A Armor Xuánwǔ Greave(s) Magic

Slots: 0

P.Def: 598+120

M.Def: 680+136

Ability: Durandal(A), Shock Absorption(B), Energy Compression(B), Xuánwǔ Set Effect(20%)

Greave(s) inspired by one of the Four Sacred Beasts of a foreign land, Xuánwǔ. It possesses a marginal amount of Xuánwǔ's capabilities and allows the user to emulate the might of the Sacred Beast. Enhances the defensive capabilities of items within the Xuánwǔ series of items.

Vahn Mason 167
A Weapon Ice Empress Magic

Slots: 2

P.Atk: 411

M.Atk: 1337

A staff forged with incredible attention to detail using Mithril and Orichalcum to create the visage of two dragons coiling around an Adamantine pillar. The core of this staff greatly enhances ice magic and allows the user to freeze everything under the heavens if they are worthy. If the standing of the user is low, the staff will cause the blood in their bodies to freeze as a just reward for their hubris.

Evangeline AK Mcdowell 167
A Weapon Gram Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 728+70

M.Atk: 331

Ability: Durandal(A), Sharpness(B), Piercing(C), Dragonslayer(A)

A sword forged from Adamantine with an Orichalcum core to embody the legend of a hero who had slain a cursed dragon. Provides greatly enhanced capabilities when fighting dragons and dragon sub-species.

Ais Wallenstein 169
S Weapon Lævateinn Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 1708+170

M.Atk: 1153

Ability: Lævateinn(S), Flame Wreath(A), Explosive Thrust(A), Piercing(S), Sharpness(B)

A sword possessing the legacy of the legendary Lævateinn. The flames emitted by this sword cannot be extinguished by normal means and will continue to burn until the entire world turns to ashes as long as the user does not extinguish them.

Vahn Mason 178
B Armor Sapphire Star Magic

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 110

Passive: Resists Mental attacks and promotes mental development and recovery rate.

Active: [Sapphire Starlight: A]: Single use ability that immediately heals the wounds of a single target in exchange for all mental energies.

Hestia 218
S Armor Atlas's Grips Magic

Slots: 2

P.Def: 1014

M.Def: 1112

Ability: Durandal(A), Atlas's Might(S), Shock Absorption(B), Abnormal Status Resistance(B)

Gauntlet(s) forged to contain the record of Atlas, who bore the weight of the Celestial Heavens in an ancient record. These gauntlets gift the user immense physical strength and also allow for greater comprehension of laws concerning astronomy.

Liliruca Arde 236
S Weapon Yi's Bow Magic

Slots: 9

P.Atk: 1000

M.Atk: 1000

Ability: Yi(A), Indestructible(S), Shock Nullification(B), Visual Acuity(B)

Bow containing the record of Yi, an archer famed for having extinguished nine suns in order to aid mankind. This bow imbues a portion of the might contained within the record into each arrow nocked on its string.

Naaza Erisuis 236
S Armor Promise Divine

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Magic Nullification(S), Physical Nullifcation(A), Abnormal Status Immunity(A), Soulbound(Unbound)

Use: 'Absolute Nullification': Bends the laws of the world to alter causality and create a miracle. (Warning: Item destroyed after use.)

Hephaestus 237
S Armor Seal of the Challenger Slots:0

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible, Challenger(S)

A collar that grows a chain link that doubles base experience rate. Each link also doubles the amount of damage received by the wearer and increases the likelihood of receiving critical hits. (Critical hit chance depends on the Power of the attack compared to the Endurance of the wearer).

Vahn Mason 297
B Armor Fox Maiden's Bracelet P.Def: 17

M.Def: 404

Abilities: Durandal(C), Magical Amplification(C), Magic Vessel(B), Fox Maiden's Set(B)

An ornate bracelet designed to provide passive protection by creating a small field around the appendages to resist physical and magical attacks. Though weak individually, the abilities of this item are enhanced when used alongside similar items.

Restriction: Renard Only (Female)

Sanjouno Haruhime 299
H Armor Maternity Band P.Def: 5

M.Def: 10

Ability: Abdominal Shaping(F), Incubator(G)

An elastic band designed to support a woman before, during, and after pregnancy. Allows for an easier time carrying the child and helps support the shape of the abdomen to prevent distension. Regulates body temperature within the area of the band.

A Weapon Sakura Blossom Magic

P.Atk: 440+40

M.Atk: 880

Abilities: Blossom(B), Magical Amplification(B), Piercing(A)

An intricately designed Katana that had been forged at the request of a proud Lord in a distant land. He had gifted the weapon to his daughter, whose favorite past time had been polishing her swordsmanship under the perpetually blooming cherry trees within the mountains.

Use: Blossom(B): Creates a storm of cherry blossoms that dance around the user and cuts through foes.

Chant: Dance, fading effervescence. Blossom, petals of spring. ~Blossom!

Sanjouno Haruhime 312
A Armor Fox Maiden's Fortune P.Def: 7

M.Def: 777

Abilities: Durandal(C), Magical Amplification(B), Magic Vessel(A), Fox Maiden's Set(B), Luck(C)

An ornate necklace designed to act as the core of the 'Fox Maiden's Set'. Enhances every piece of equipment within the same set and serves as a protective charm to shield the wearer from harm. This necklace carries the hopes of its creator to protect the wearer and enable them to walk their path safely, without fear of the future.

Restriction: Renard Only (Female)

Sanjouno Haruhime 315
A Weapon Saint Halberd Magic

P.Atk: 910+90

M.Atk: 200

Abilities: Astral Shift(A), Valkyrie's Pride(B), Durandal(B), Crushing Blow(C)

A weapon wielded by a prideful Valkyrie from a foreign record. Pushing the limits of its materials and borders on the Divine in terms of capabilities. This weapon requires that its wielder remain loyal to their Master and willing to go to any length to ensure victory on their behalf.

Use: 'Astral Shift', allows the user to teleport themselves, or the halberd, short distances. Requires the user and the halberd to be in different locations.

Restrictions: 'Valkyrie's Pride' only recognizes a single weilder. If unable to earn the acknowledgment of the weapon, it can lead to mental collapse.

Emiru Rain;

Maemi Rain

A Weapon Yoichi Bow Magic

Slots: 3

P.Atk: 470

M.Atk: 310

Abilities: Visual Acuity(B), Anti-Air Proficiency(B), Impeccable Accuracy(A)

A bow owned by a proud warrior from a foreign record famed for having accurately shot a fan said to block all arrows while on horseback. The original user was so skilled he was said to be able to shoot a diving falcon out of the sky from a distance exceeding 300 meters.

Vahn Mason 406
A Armor Phoenix Fire Dress Magic

Slots: 0

P.Def: 370

M.Def: 900

Ability: Phoenix's Pride(A), Fire Immunity(A), Shock Resistance(C), Weatherproof(B)

A wedding dress created with care by a skilled Master Smith for the Goddess of Forging, Hephaestus. Makes use of a variety of precious materials, as if embodying the feelings the creator had for Hephaestus during its production. When wearing this dress, the user creates a flame-like aura that causes them to stand out from everything else in the world, like a proud phoenix rising to overshadow the sun itself.

Hephaestus 417
A Armor Phoenix Night Dress Magic

Slots: 0

P.Def: 349

M.Def: 920

Ability: Phoenix's Embrace(A), Ice Immunity(A), Shock Resistant(C), Weatherproof(B)

A wedding dress created with care by a skilled Master Smith for the Half-Elf, Eina Tulle. Makes use of a variety of precious materials, as if embodying the feelings the creator had during its productions. When wearing this dress, the user creates a calming aura that affects everyone that enters their vision, like the night overtaking the day and welcoming them into a peaceful and pleasant rest.

Eina Tulle 418
D Armor Blazing Passion Panties Slots: 0

P.Def: 13

M.Def: 40

Abilities: Fire Resistance(D), Weatherproof(E), Insulated(E)

A pair of panties forged with an inordinate amount of care that belies the simplicity of their design. Created with the intent that the creator would have the same fervent passion viewing them on the body of a woman as he had during their production.

Hephaestus 421
D Armor Cool Passion Panties Slots: 0

P.Def: 20

M.Def: 51

Abilities: Ice Resistance(D), Weatherproof(D), Insulated(E)

A pair of panties forged with an inordinate amount of detail by a passionate Master Smith that grew enamored with the production process. The lace was designed to draw the eye to the concealed garden in the center and inspires thoughts of slowly peeling away the fabric to reveal the secrets contained within.

Eina Tulle 421
C Armor Midnight Passion Panties Slots: 0

P.Def: 19

M.Def: 72

Abilities: Tantalizing Fragrance(C), Size-Correction(C), Weatherproof(D), Insulated(E)

A pair of panties forged with an inordinate amount of detail by a crazed Master Smith that became obsessed with drawing power from a pair of panties. These panties can increase the potency of pheromones emitted by the wearer, but they only affect their intended target instead of influencing innocent bystanders.

Tsubaki Collbrande 421
C Armor Tantalizing Secret Slots: 0

P.Def: 31

M.Def: 55

Abilities: Secret Revealed(E), Size-Correction(C), Dark Resistance(D), Weatherproof(E), Insulated(E)

A pair of panties forged by an obsessive Master Smith that grew determined to draw even more power from an undergarment. Though they are a glossy black in their default state, these panties are actually capable of turning completely transparent when the wearer enters a state of arousal.

Hephaestus 437
C Armor Maiden's Purity Slots: 0

P.Def: 29

M.Def: 60

Abilities: Blessing of the Maiden(C), Size-Correction(D), Weatherproof(D), Insulated(E)

A pair of panties created by a delusional Master Smith intended as a gift to his betrothed as a testament to her maidenly purity. As long as the wearer maintains her purity, these panties can never become soiled and also emit a gentle and pleasant aroma. When the wearer loses their purity, the color of this garment will change to red and, depending on their depravity, they may even one day become black.

Eina Tulle 437
C Armor Xuánwǔ Gloves Magic

Slots: 1

P.Def: 140

M.Def: 17

Ability: Shock Absorption(C)

Simple leather gloves that have been pushed to the extremes of their potential by a skilled [Master Smith]. Though simple in structure, these gloves carry the will of Xuánwǔ and allow the user to dissipate shockwaves if used skillfully.

A Armor Nezha Lady's Togi Magic

Slots: 2

P.Def: 400

M.Def: 800

Abilities: Nezha's Blessing(sealed) (1/5), Weatherproof(A), Shock Absorption(B), Unblemished(B)

A comfortable jacket with a loose fit that ensures ease of movement. Designed to emulate the aesthetic of a youthful god that was free spirited but also vengeful. When all five pieces are gathered, allows the wearer to harness a fraction of the god's power.



Liliruca Arde

A Weapon Mizuryū-no-Mai Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 900+90

M.Atk: 300

Abilities: Four Phases(A), Drink(A), Impeccable Edge(B), Piercing(B)

A simple katana that belies the awesome power contained within its blade. Forged by a skilled blacksmith that had fallen in love with an enshrined river goddess who possessed the true form of a dragon. Inspired by the elegance of her dance, the blacksmith created this sword as the embodiment of his feelings for the love that could never be. Allows the user to store fluids within the blade to nourish it while also enabling them to exercise control over the four phases of water: liquid, solid, gas, and essence.

Yamato Mikoto 474
A Weapon Mirakurun Magic Wand Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 0

M.Atk: 0

Abilities: Magical Transformation(A), Indestructible(A)

A wand that can even turn a normal girl into a magical girl. Greatly amplifies the magical capabilities of the user and allows them to freely manipulate the wand into a variety of shapes. Rumored to be powered by emotions, but it was never specified whether they had to be positive or negative~!

Restrictions: Contract(unbound)

Tiona Hiryute 477
A Weapon Miki's Tulip Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 80+8

M.Atk: 1400

Abilities: Radiant Lancer(C), Ex Healing(A), Magical Amplification(A)

A staff once wielded by a petite, adorable, incredibly kind, and voracious gourmand rumored to have a stomach that rivaled a black hole. Legends state that she was even capable of devouring everything listed on a restaurant's menu in a single sitting. Rumored to have been banned from more than 9,000 buffets over the course of her lifetime. This staff allows the user to wield powerful magic to aid their allies, but be warned as the spirit of the young woman is retained in the staff...

Restrictions: Gourmand(S)

Lefiya Viridis 477
A Armor Anabel's Robe Magic

Slots: 1

P.Def: 280

M.Def: 900

Abilities: Nature's Concealment(A), Magical Amplification(C), Weatherproof(B), Insulated(B)

A comfortable robe which was worn by an elegant mage in a foreign record embroiled in turmoil and strife. This robe had been a gift from her star-crossed lover who suffered a terrible hand at the whims of fate. The one thing the man desired before his death was that his lover would be protected from harm so he prayed to the land itself to offer her protection.


Terra Evergreen 499
A Armor Aegis Top Mk 1 Magic

Slots: 1

P.Def: 410

M.Def: 800

Abilities: Aegis Set Effect(A), Weatherproof(A), Unblemished(C), Stamina Boost(B), Auto-Regen(D)

A prototype armor created by a skilled [Master Smith] that sought new and innovative ways to protect the people he cared about. Uses high-quality materials from multiple records while borrowing the record of 'Aegis' to imbue the armor with greater defensive might.

Nullifies a portion of the damage received by all physical and magical attacks with a small chance of completely mitigating it. Effects are amplified when paired with other items containing the 'Aegis Set Effect'.

Soulbound:(Ais Wallenstein)

Ais Wallenstein 562
A Armor Aegis Bottoms Mk 1 Magic

Slots: 2

P.Def: 640

M.Def: 490

Abilities: Aegis Set Effect(A), Weatherproof(A), Insulated(A), Unblemished(C), Shaping(C)

A prototype armor created by a peculiar [Master Smith] that took into consideration the needs of the wearer. His obsession with the complex structure of this garment gives it greater gluteal support than normal undergarments and helps keep the shape of the muscles with the passage of time. Uses high-quality materials from multiple records while borrowing the record of 'Aegis' to imbue the armor with greater defensive might.

Nullifies a portion of the damage received by all physical and magical attacks with a small chance of completely mitigating it. Effects are amplified when paired with other items containing the 'Aegis Set Effect'.

Soulbound:(Ais Wallenstein)

Ais Wallenstein 562
C Armor Beryl Teardrop Slots: 0

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 170

Abilities: Light Emission(C), Magic Vessel(C)

A simple pendant forged by a [Master Smith] using uncommon techniques. Though small, it can shine like the light of hope during times of duress.

Maemi Rain; Emiru Rain 580
B Armor Shadowstalker's Cloak P.Def: 110

M.Def: 380

Abilities: Shadowstep(C), Stealth Enhancement(C), Sound Dampening(C)

A cloak once used by a feared assassin in a foreign record. Allows the wearer to blend into the shadows as if they were one and the same. Provides a moderate enhancement to speed when moving under the cover of darkness.

Shizune Yuel 583
A Armor Luck Be a Lady Magic

P.Def: 777

M.Def: 777

Abilities: Lady Luck's Smile(A), Fortune's Favor, Agility Enhancement(C), Abnormal Status Immunity(C)

An elegant dress which had been worn by a fearless skyfaring knight who became notorious in various casinos and establishments with her near-perfect win rate. Some speculate that the dealers had simply been drawn to the exposed areas of her body, but the truth of the matter was that the woman was simply inordinately blessed by the favor of both Luck and Fortune. Wearing this dress is said to give the bearer a portion of the skyfarer's luck while also increasing the opportunities to experience great fortune in their lives.

A Armor Elven Queen's Gown Magic

P.Def: 10

M.Def: 1500

Abilities: Elven Queen's Aura(A), Forestwalk(B), Magical Amplification(B)

A gown created for the Queen of the Elves by the King of Spirits in a foreign record. As the first generation Queen, this dress was imbued with powerful enchantments that would give her freedom to move through any forested terrain unrestricted while also bolstering the strength of her people. It is said that the Queen, wearing this dress, had led her people to expand their home forests until they had reached all coasts of their native continent.

Restrictions: Elves of Royal Blood, Soulbound(unbound)

Riveria Ljos Alf 589
B Armor Maternity Band Magic

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Maternal Guardian(B), Shaping(B), Insulated(B)

A specialized maternity band that was created to guarantee no harm would befall the child during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the defensive capabilities of the mother increase greatly and the band becomes indestructible as long as there is enough energy to sustain the barrier. Take caution, as this band will sap the energy of the mother, including vital energy, if they truly desire to protect their child.

A Armor Sage Aldrnari's Blessing P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Sage Aldrnari's Blessing(A), Maternal Guardian(A), Shaping(B), Insulated(B)

A specialized maternity band reforged by a skilled [Master Smith] that was determined to lead an entire species towards a brighter future. Carries the will of the creator and enhanced the parameters of the original band a great deal, guaranteeing the safety of the child by absorbing natural energy from the environment itself to provide protection. The creators desire that the band never be misused means that the women wearing it must be willing or it will instead prevent pregnancy.

Restriction: Entities of Elven Descent Only

A Weapon Twin Dragon Fang Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 640+60

M.Atk: 220

Abilities: Durandal(A), Armor Break(B), Frost Dragon's Venom(D)

The elder of two twin kopis, capable of striking through the defense of enemies and cause a debilitating status affliction as a result of bathing in the blood of a Frost Dragon. The higher the defense of an enemy, the stronger this blade becomes, almost as if offended by the fact anything could resist its edge.

Restriction: Amazons Only

Tione Hiryute 619
A Weapon Twin Dragon Fang Magic

Slots: 0

P.Atk: 610+60

M.Atk: 330

Abilities: Durandal(A), Armor Break(C), Frost Dragon's Venom(C)

The younger of two twin kopis, capable of striking through the defense of enemies and cause a debilitating status affliction as a result of bathing in the blood of a Frost Dragon. Though not as capable when it comes to cleaving through armor, the amount of blood absorbed by this blade is much higher than its elder sister.

Restriction: Amazons Only

Tione Hiryute 619
C Armor Healing Bangle Magic

Slots: 0

P.Def: 18

M.Def: 40

Abilities: Lesser Elemental Healing(C), Magic Enhancer(H)

A simple bangle generally worn by Acolytes in a foreign record. Though anyone can use the bangle, it has the greatest effect when used by those with Light, Water, and Holy elemental affinities.

Alfonse 625
S Armor Comfort Divine

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Magic Nullification(S), Physical Nullification(S), Abnormal Status Immunity(B), Soulbound(Eina Tulle)

Use: 'Divine Intervention': By the will of the user, any target designated become absolutely impervious to all damage, negative influences, and status abnormalities. Duration: 24H (Warning: Item destroyed after use.)

Eina Tulle 749
S Armor Future Divine

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Sage's Blessing(S), Physical Nullification(A), Abnormal Status Immunity(A), Soulbound(Riveria Ljos Alf)

Use: 'Inheritance': Allows the user to store a portion of their potential, power, and memories into this ring, bestowing them upon an intended target. Restriction: Direct Descendents of [Riveria Ljos Alf]

Sage's Blessing increases experience gain, enhances comprehension, and improves memory.

Riveria Ljos Alf 749
S Weapon Longinus Divine

P.Atk: 1000

M.Atk: (-)

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Anti-Divine(S), Piercing(S), Sealing(A)

Though seemingly normal at a glance, this spear had been forged by a capable Master Blacksmith with some of the most valuable materials found in their record. As a result of the forging process, it is nearly indestructible, even by items of a higher rank. Upon completion, it had been bestowed the power of the record 'Longinus', allowing it to become even more powerful when used against entities of Divine origin. Any wound inflicted by this spear causes sealing energy to spread through the wound, draining its target of the ability to muster their full power.

Vahn Maison 749
S Weapon Khryselakatos Magic

Slots: 5

P.Atk: 700+70

M.Atk: 1500

Ability: Artemis' Blessing(S), Curse of the Huntress(S), Impeccable Aim(A), Crippling Blow(A), Moon's Grace(A)

A legendary bow that was enshrined at the Temple of Artemis, rumored to have obtained her Blessing. Those that wield this bow, so long as they have the Goddess of the Hunt's favor, are fated to never miss their targets. During the night of the Full Moon, this bow is said to reach its full potential...

Vahn Maison 867
S Weapon Sakuya-no-Tsubaki P.Atk: 1800

M.Atk: 0

Abilities: Parent's Hope(S), Impeccable Edge(S), Durandal(A), Auto-Repair(A)

A sword produced by a budding Mastersmith during a bout of inspiration, allowing him to produce a miracle in the form of a masterpiece. This blade contains the passion and intent of its creator, bestowing it with the unique ability to greatly increase its user's potential. After going unused for forty years, the effect of this blade has only increased, carrying the sincere hope that its intended user may cut through all obstacles in order to obtain happiness.

Restriction: Tsubaki Collbrande

Tsubaki Collbrande 901
S Armor Collar of Ownership Magic

Slots: 1

P.Def: 890

M.Def: 1220

Abilities: Submissive Pride(S), Durandal(A), Restraining(B), Self-Repairing(C)

A collar produced by a peculiar Blacksmith who had wanted to dedicate her everything to the person most precious to her. Her feelings of gratitude and love were imbued into the collar during the forging process along with her desires and hope for the future. Has the ability to forcibly control the sensitivity of the wearer based on the will of the person recognized as its 'Master'.

Current Master: Vahn Mason

Soulbound: Nanu Mason

Nanu Mason 922
S Weapon Khryselakatos Divine

Slots: 1

P.Atk: 434

M.Atk: 1718

Abilities: Artemis' Infatuation(-), Iokheira(SS), Impeccable Aim(S), Growth(-)

A sacred bow that has been blessed by the Goddess Artemis for her beloved. Knowing she would not be able to stand at his side at all times, Artemis had bestowed this bow with her intent so that her most cherished person could always carry a memento of their love, no matter how far apart they were. It is rumored that, other than the Ichor of a Goddess, this bow contains yet another secret that will only reveal itself when the user is in dire straits.

Restrictions: Vahn Mason

Vahn Maison 979
SS Weapon Sword of Evil's Bane Artifact

P.Atk: 2000(+200)

M.Atk: 3100

Abilities: Sword of Evil's Bane(-), Indestructible(SS), Impeccable Edge(S), Magical Amplification{S), Last Breath(A)

A sword bestowed upon a chosen Hero by a Primordial God who rules over the sky. Grants the weilder the ability to strike down all malevolent creatures that originated from the Dungeon, Tartarus. So long as the weilder is pure of heart, this sword grants them the ability to withstand otherwise lethal blows and, for a brief moment, greatly increase their potential. It is also rumored that any wound dealt by this weapon will never fully heal, regardless of the passage of time.

Restrictions: Albert Waldstein

Vahn Maison 991


S Armor Spirit Choker P.Def: 0

M.Def: 410

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Mana Funneling(S), Binding(A), Auto-Sizing(C)

Active: Overcharge

A choker whose simplicity belies the masterful quality of its make. Made with the hide of an Atmos and threads woven from a Sky Whale's whiskers, this choker drastically increases the user's mana regeneration. When activated, this effect can be tripled for a short period of time at the cost of negating the passive generation for twenty-four hours.

Restriction: Destroyed upon removal.

Fenrir 1025
S Weapon Lævateinn: Epsilon Divine

Slots: 1

P.Atk: 2407+240

M.Atk: 1692

Abilities: Acknowledgement of the Emperor(-), Lævateinn(S), Flame Wreath(S), Spirit-Siphon(A), Familial Bond(-)

One of five swords possessing the legacy of the legendary Lævateinn. The flames emitted by this sword cannot be extinguished by normal means; burning all things recognized as an enemy by the Creator. Due to its Creator's desire to forge a blade with limitless potential, this sword has a very high chance of developing a Spirit that embodies this desire.

Restrictions: Vahn Aldrnari Mason, Progeny of Vahn Aldrnari Mason

Special Restriction: Can only be used by those with a sincere desire to protect the Empire and its citizens from harm

Vahn Mason 1364
SS Armor Crimson Moon Tiara P.Def: 0

M.Def: 2300

Abilities: Blessing of the Crimson Moon(SS), Mind Enhancement(S), Mind Resistance(S), Indestructible(S)

A beautiful silver tiara rumored to be cast from the light of the full moon. Greatly increases the wearer's mental clarity while providing an equal increase in mental resistances. When worn by its rightful owner, it increases all parameters by an amount corresponding to phases of the moon. It is most powerful on the night of the Full Moon, temporarily doubling the wearer's parameters for a brief period of time.

Restriction(s): Arcueid Brunestud, Anyone with Yin-Elemental Affinity



SS Armor Endurance Divine

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Yin Elemental Affinity Increase(SS), Magic Nullification(S), Physical Nullification(S), Abnormal Status Immunity(S), Soulbound(Unbound)

Use: 'Permanence': For the duration of three minutes, the user is completely impervious to all forms of harm, cannot be bound, and has unlimited control over Yin, Darkness, and Ice Elemental Energy. (Warning: Item destroyed after use.)

Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell 1590
S Armor Harmony Divine

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Indestructible(Divine), Supreme Ultimate(S), Magic Nullification(S), Physical Nullification(S), Abnormal Status Immunity(S), Soulbound(Unbound)

Use: 'Oneness Before Duality': Allows the user to burn their future potential, drastically increasing their present strength. The aftereffects of using this ability can be mitigated entirely by sharing the burden with another. (Warning: Item destroyed after use.)

Restriction: Arika Anarchia Entheofushia

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia 1617

Transcendental Path to Heaven - Tower Of God


(A in T5)

Weapon Sophic Cane Slots: 0

P.Atk: 90

M.Atk: 1400

Abilities: Asylum(B), Lucid Dreaming(C), Rescue (D)

'A magical staff said to have been blessed by a Goddess of Light. Though the blessing has faded with the passage of time, it still carries her hope that only the purest of heart will be able to make use of its power.'

Restriction: Pure-Light Elemental Affinity

SS Armor Ragnarok Transcendent

Slots: 0

P.Def: 0

M.Def: 0

Abilities: Herald of Ragnarok(SS), Indestructible(SS), Negative Status Immunity(SS), Permanence(S)

'A deceptively simple-looking bracelet that holds the power to bring about the end of the world. All abilities used by the wielder have their mental, spiritual, and physical energy costs reduced to zero.'

Restriction(s): Curse of Indelibility(SS), Soulbound


Transcendental Path to Heaven - Disgaea

Weapon Enkidu Type: Special

Level: 0

Rarity: Unknown

Population: 0/???

HP: 0

SP: 0

ATK: 10

DEF: 0

INT: 0

RES: 0

HIT: 0

SPD: 0









Vahn Mason 2043

Transcendental Path to Heaven - Mondaiji-tachi

Weapon Enkidu: Limit Broken Slots: 0

P.Atk: 503,184

M.Atk: 0

Abilities: Indestructible (SSS), Piercing (SSS), Sealing (SSS), Absolute Fire Immunity (SSS), Purification (SSS), Soul Extract (SSS), Intangible (SSS), Soulbound (Vahn Mason)

The Indestructible Magic Chains of the Sage Dragon Emperor. They, like their Master, have been upgraded beyond the limitations of reality, transcending common sense. Thou their Legend has yet to be written, it is only matter of time before these glorious golden chains leave their mark on history.

A desire to prove itself slumbers deep within...

Vahn Mason 2189


Rank Name Description


B Decanter of Replenishment Auxilary Waist Attachment

Special Status: Indestructible

A Decanter made from a mysterious entity at the bottom of the ocean. Blessed by the Goddess Amphitrite to replenish up to one liter of water per hour.

D Body Tempering Liquid Can be mixed into bath water. Soaking in the water after strenuous training accelerates recovery speed and promotes the strengthing of bones and muscles. *Caution* Causes immense pain.
E Beginner's Close Quarters Combat Techniques Manual Gives the user knowledge about close quarters combat techniques and auxiliary body training methods.
- senzu bean can quickly recover both health and stamina within a short period of time. Please be advised they also seem to have a moderate side-effect by over-drafting the bodies natural healing properties so it could cause damage to your growth if overused.
E Small Explosive Charge A component used in the making of anti-personnel mines developed by Russian Scientist Neil Vankhov. The explosive yield is equivalent to 10MJ (10 sticks of dynamite).
S Effigy of the Hero This effigy is automatically consumed by its owner when they take otherwise fatal damage. Upon consumption, the effigy transfers all wounds from the owner unto itself. The effigy will begin to burn for three minutes increasing all parameters of the owner by 3x for the duration. After three minutes the effigy turns to ash and the owner enters a dormant state for 3 hours.
A Skill Enhancement Scroll Can be used to increase the rank any skill by one rank. Cannot be used on skills Rank: A or higher.
U XXX' Favor After consumption exponentially increases the likelihood of a successful request from the 'XXX'. Success rate determined by Affection.
U Hearts Desire: XXX Allows the user to see the inner desires of the target (XXX). Fulfilling the revealed desire unlocks hidden parameters of the target.

//System Warning: Use with extreme caution//

U Banner of Command Enhance all allied units parameters by 10% of users within an area for 10 minutes. Once set, the banner is indestructible and cannot be moved.
U 24 Hour Discount Gacha Coupon Reduces the requirements for all premium gacha pulls by 50% for 24 hours.
U Proof of Affection Conjures an item desired by the intended recipient. Warning: Item is bound to the recipient after accepting
U Transfiguration Lens Allows the user to temporarily alter their form regardless of size, shape, gender, or race. Duration: 24H
U Ambrosia Extract Oil incense with a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Powerful enough to even influence the gods. Duration: 8H
U Matryoshka of Fertility When placed above the womb, creates a seal that guarantees pregnancy regardless of fertility. Duration: 8H
U Rallying Whistle Creates a magical frequency that can only be heard by allies. Increased agility for 1H and creates an invisible tether that can be traced back to the source. Range: Infinite
U Magatama of Fortitude Increases Endurance of all allies by 30% while reducing agility by 10% within an area for 10 minutes. Activation requires shattering the Magatama and the effective area with 30m.
U Saint's Reliquary Container capable of storing any singular healing potion and enhancing its effects by 500%. Converts the contents of the potion into a mist that spreads through an area and affects all entities within.
U Divine Hearth Creates an inviolable space in an area where no harm can befall those within. Forces those within to remain calm and regenerates any pre-existing wounds. Duration: 72H
U Virgin's Promise Baptizes the user in a holy light and restores their body to a pristine condition. Danger: This item places a heavy burden on the soul and can only be used a single time without irreversibly damaging the user.
U Upgrade Stone Upgrades a piece of equipment until +10 without any chance of failure. Failure increases by 10% per successful upgrade after +10 and has a chance to destroy the item after +15.
U Upgrade Stone+ Upgrades a piece of equipment until +20 without any chance of failure. Failure increases by 10% per successful upgrade after +20 and has a chance to destroy the item after +25.
U Upgrade Stone++ Upgrades a piece of equipment until +30 without any chance of failure. Failure increases by 10% per successful upgrade after +30 and has a chance to destroy the item after +35.
U Seed of the Tree of Life Can bloom anywhere, including barren wastelands, toxic swamps, and even the void itself. Promotes the growth of all plant life in an area 40x wider than the tree is tall. Cleans the air and creates a natural barrier against toxins, poisons, miasma, and evil creatures. The branches of this tree can be used to make powerful magic staves and relics while the leaves can be used to create potent potions and healing salves.
U Fairy Promenade When active, all trees, plant life, and animals open a path for the user to pass unhindered.

Prohibits those with malicious intent from following using the forces of nature itself to halt their advance. Duration:2H

U Vision of Aries Allows the user to view any subject, irrespective of distance and obstacles. Duration: 30M
U Hero's Reprieve Immediately teleports the user into the embrace of the person they most desire to be with at the moment of use.
U Grimoire of Guidance Allows the user to record a skill into the Grimoire and confer it to a single person. Skill proficiency based on the comprehension of the recipient and is not a direct reflection of the initial skill. Applicable to all Skills, Magic, and Development Abilities with the exception of Innates.
U Yggdrasil's Branch: Alfheim Specialized item that can be used on a Tree of Life to increase the potency of its effects. Part of the nine unique items used to upgrade a Tree of Life into the World Tree, Yggdrasil.
U Heroine's Prayer When the person this item is bound to is in mortal peril, this crystalized prayer will activate and cause them to enter an 'Immune' state. Duration: 30S

Soulbound:(Vahn Mason)

U Burden of Love When the person this item is bound to makes a heartfelt promise with the originator, they must see it through to completion. Success will reward the bound dependant upon the severity of the promise made. Failure to complete the promise with cause an increasing amount of pressure to weigh on the bound unless they receive the forgiveness of the originator.

Soulbound:(Vahn Mason)

S Flying Heavenly Sword Scroll

(Scroll of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū)


A manual detailing an ancient kenjutsu style from the Sengoku Jidai, developed to allow a single samurai to defeat numerous foes single-handedly, created by Hiko Seijūrō I.

U Wishe's Teardrop If used within sixty seconds, this item can resurrect the dead and fully revitalize their body.

Restriction: Causes a strong impact on the soul and will result in the loss of parameters depending on the state of the corpse.

U Wishe's Blessing Helps to purify the bloodline of any descendant of Wishe.

Restriction: Elves and High Elves.

U One of Heart, Mind, and Body Use: Allows one person to experience the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of Milan Yuel.

Duration: 8H

Restriction: Tina Yuel

U One of Heart, Mind, and Body Use: Allows one person to experience the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of Tina Yuel.

Duration: 8H

Restriction: Milan Yuel

U Oyakodon Cook Book Use: Teaches the user how to create a variety of delicious dishes using a special set of ingredients.

Restriction: This is not an actual Cook Book. Use with caution as the information cannot be forgotten after the fact.

U Guardian:(XXX) Summons a spiritual guardian that bonds with the user's soul and protects them from danger.

Restriction: XXX

U Heroic Tale A journal which, when bound to a user, records all the details of their life and accomplishments. Feats recognized by the record award the user with various rewards, including unique items, skills, and abilities.

Restriction: Progeny of Vahn Mason

U Soul Hammer A hammer that can be nourished by the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with time. Size and shape can be altered with mastery.

Restriction: Ina Mason

U Genesis Flame A flame that can be nourished by the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with time. Allows the user to create and control flames at will.

Restriction: Vana Mason

U Amorphous Guise A mask that can be nourished by the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with the passage of time. Allows the user to emulate the capabilities of an individual, even providing insight into their recent thoughts and memories.

Restriction: Erika Mason

B Scarlet Star Capacity: 2512/2512

Decay Rate: 10 max capacity every 30 days.

Use: Allows for the storage, transmission, and absorption of various energies. Base recovery rate dependant on the availability of energy in the surroundings. When used as a catalyst, enhances the efficacy of original skill, ability, magic, formation by a factor of 119%. Decay rate increases if used over-capacity.

S Sacred Duplex Nail Magic

Restrict the regeneration of immortal beings, both holy and demonic in nature. Wounds caused by these nails become suffused with sacred energy, breaking down the cells of immortal beings and causing a perpetual bleeding effect until removed.

A specialized nail used to slay immortals, generally used by Demon Hunters to restrict the powers and regeneration of Vampires. Though rare, these nails are sometimes used for crucifixion purposes, having the potential to kill both holy and demonic entities. However, using them as such can cause the user to suffer a very powerful curse.

A (Earth-Grade) Pristine Jade Ice Bed Allows the body to absorb ice, water, and yin elemental energies, further increasing the user's affinity with said elements. For users that do not possess said elements, causes yin-ice toxins to build up in the marrows and restricts the flow of energy through the meridians.

An Earth-Grade Treasure used by disciples of a sect that cultivates Ice Elemental techniques. Disciples of the Sect are known for their calm dispositions, ethereal beauty, and cold hearts that become detached from the world. However, rumors also say that anyone able to melt the heart of these disciples would win their favor for all eternity, even becoming dao companions on the long road of cultivation.

B (Mortal-Grade) Mind of Still Water, Heart of Eternal Ice Manual detailing specific breathing techniques that allow the user to have better control over their emotions, making the cultivation of water, ice, and yin elemental techniques easier. However, prolonged use of this meditation technique, without counterbalancing it with fire, star, or yang elemental energies can make the user become as cold and detached as the techniques they cultivate.

A meditation technique created by a young practitioner in a foreign record, having grown within an area surrounded by water and ice. It is said that she had been inspired by the ever-present chill of her homeland and watching how icebergs were able to slowly carve a path through the land, almost as if they had limitless patience and an infinite amount of time. In the same way that rivers can create canyons, this technique emphasizes patience, perseverance, and, most importantly, attunement with the elemental laws of water, ice, and yin energy.

S (Heaven-Grade) Avatar Creation Details the requirements to create an 'Avatar' that allows the user to split their soul into two halves so they can control two bodies simultaneously. When either body is destroyed, the remnant half of their soul will always return to the surviving half, thus allowing the user to once again create an Avatar.

'This technique had been created by a spirit-practitioner who feared the mortality of their body and wanted to come up with a way to live forever. By using precious resources to construct a body with higher potential, they managed to greatly extend their lifespan and slowly climb the ranks within their record. Unfortunately, as a result of a heart demon, developed from experiencing multiple deaths, the creator of this ability never managed to reach the pinnacle of power. Ultimately, this ability became a secondary support technique that was passed down through his descendants who tried to carry on the will of their master and obtain true immortality.'

U Sacred Tree Sapling A unique tree that creates a spiritual link with the user, growing alongside them. Any injury or illness sustained by the user will drain the vitality of the tree instead. The first time a fatal blow would be suffered, the Sacred Tree would sacrifice itself to protect the user.

Soulbound: Alise Mason

U Rallying Gong A small golden gong that, once wrung, can be heard clear across even the most chaotic battlefields. Any allies that hear the sound of this gong have their parameters enhanced by 50%, decaying 1% every minute before returning to normal.
U Spirit-Jade of Yggdrasil A pendant that radiates with seemingly endless vitality, nourishing the body and mind of the wearer. Helps to calm the minds of both the user and those within the immediate vicinity. Has a self-concealing ability when worn, making the powerful vital energy appear to originate from the wearer, not the pendant.

Soulbound: Masonia Ljos Alf

U Sword of Divine Judgment A sword that can be nourished within the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with the passage of time. Allows the user to form an ethereal blade that can completely ignore the defense of their target, disturbing the flow of energy within the body and exorcizing their spirit.

Restriction: Ina Mason

U Jurist Scale A scale that can be nourished within the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with the passage of time. Enables the user to discern the truth by binding a target under a temporary vow, emulating the Laws of the World. Those under the effect of this Scale would have their vitality and internal energy reduced until the effect is negated.

Restriction: Aisha Mason

U Heart of the Earth A heart-shaped seed that can be nourished within the soul of the user, allowing it to become increasingly more powerful with the passage of time. Enables the user to 'plant' the seed, allowing for a large increase in the amount of natural energy gathered into the target. This seed is not limited to being planted within the ground and can also affect people, animals, plants, and other organisms.

Restriction: Autumn Mason

U Fate Severing Knife Allows the user to sever the fate of a target, resetting their karmic value to 100 and breaking any vows, strings, or promises linking them to any other entities.

[!!( Warning)!!] This knife has the ability to affect causality and fate, changing the perception of other entities towards the target. Using this item also severs any connections between the target and any soulbound items, including those acquired through special circ.u.mstances.

U Arrow of the Orion A Divine Artifact possessing a fragment of Divinity belonging to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. Upon activation, this arrow can break through all restrictions, striking forth with enough power to instantly kill any enemy. It is said that only those who have received the blessing and favor of Artemis herself can use the true power of this arrow. Target Restriction: Tier 4 or Lower

Restriction: Vahn Mason(???)

U Tears of the Moon Goddess So long as the ego has not completely vanished, can be used to resurrect a target that has received the Blessing of the Moon Goddess.
U Unique Gacha Coupon Guarantees that the next 'Standard Gacha' pulls from the Unique Items Pool.

Restriction: Items pulled are restricted to Unique items within the current record.

SSS Skill Advancement Scroll Advances any non-Innate ability to the SSS-Rank, independent of the record of origin.

//*Warning*// [This item is exceedingly rare and should be used with extreme caution and consideration!]

U Brísingamen Bestowing this sacred Pendant unto the Goddess [Freya] will grant you her Blessing and Favor. As a Goddess of War, Beauty, Wealth, S.e.x, and Love, you will be forever fruitful in all such endeavors.

Restriction: [Freya]

[Blessing of Freya]

Rank: S

Use:(Passive): Greatly increases the learning speed of all combat arts, including skills, magic, and abilities. Enhances the efficacy of all charm related skills and improves the users appeal to the opposite s.e.x. Slight boost to s.e.x.u.a.l stamina.

Use:(Active): Doubles the success rate of the next charm attempt. Failure still improves the opinion of the target slightly. Cooldown(12H)

U Freya's Favor Allows the user to make any single request of [Freya] and guarantees she will accept.
SSS Grimoire of Creation Divine

Use: Increases comprehension of Creation Laws and provides insight into the development of sentient life.

A Grimoire created by the Goddess Nuwa that details the method's she had used when creating the first vessel capable of hosting a soul. Though the method contained within is nearly impossible to replicate, it can still provide insight into the formation of new lifeforms for anyone capable of comprehending its contents. As this Grimoire also contains a fragment of the goddess' Divinity, it is possible to use as a catalyst when trying to infuse a soul into a vessel.

U Innate Awakening Pill Allows the user to promote an Innate one full grade at the cost of sealing that Innate for one year. In the event that the user has no active Innates, forcefully awakens a sealed Innate in exchange for sealing all sources of energy for ten years.
U Page of the Akashic Tome Allows the user to rewrite the fate of any named entity recorded within the Akashic Tome.

**Warning: Use extreme caution as this item affects the causality of all Records accessible to Host entity: Vahn Mason**

U Inspiration A Grimoire that bestows the user with the intrinsic ability to inspire their allies, greatly bolstering morale and temporarily increasing their base capabilities. At higher levels of Mastery, it is even possible to inspire targets to push beyond their limits, allowing a Miracle to occur.
U Might A Grimoire that allows the user to increase their raw physical power by a factor of ten without any extraneous consumption of energy. Be warned, however, as the strain this skill places on the body has the potential of irreparably damaging weaker users.
U Spirit Vessel Serves as a catalyst that allows a soul to be bound to a temporary body. This faux body is capable of emulating the capabilities of the original but is incapable of growing any stronger.
U Enlightment Stone Allows the user to enter a state of Enlightenment, granting insights into any singular compatible Law.


U Grace of the Root Allows the user to make any wish within the world's power to grant.

Restriction: Vahn Aldrnari Mason

U Artificial Command Seal Allows the user to gain an additional Command Spell.

Restriction: Only Servants originally summoned by the user can be affected.

U Seal of Binding A consumable item that changes the status of a Servant to reflect the user as their original Master. Range: 10m
SSS Ethereal Queen's Grace Celestial Treasure

Origin: Record of the Star Ocean (1-5)

Use: Allows the user to create a gateway by which the Ethereal Queen may be summoned. It is said that those who can win her favor will be without equal under the Heavens.

**Use With Extreme Caution! The Ethereal Queen summoned is not a product of the system and cannot be regulated by system restrictions!***

U Chastity Belt Greatly increased the replenishment of all energy sources. Inhibits arousal.

A belt formed from soft leather that has the intended purpose of preventing s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse and masturbation. In exchange for remaining chaste, this belt is said to greatly increase focus while also supporting mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Restriction: Cannot be removed until marriage.

U Pendant of the Moon's Promise Bolsters the efficacy of all forms of training when performed under the light of the moon. Depending on the moon's cycle, the effects can be increased by as much as 200%. When the moon is absent from the night sky, however, the user's powers are completely sealed.

A crescent pendant that, despite its relative simplicity, contains a powerful enchantment. Legends say that the moon has always served as a mirror to reflect all things. As a result, training beneath its cold light allows the user to enter a focused state that greatly increases the efficacy of their training.

Restriction: Soulbound: [Circe]

U Collar of Sealing A collar capable of completely restraining the power of the wearer, binding even gods to a mortal form. The form that is taken, and the amount of power restricted, is entirely determined by the will of the one who places the collar on another.

Restrictions: Vahn Mason(Master), Illyasviel Von Einzbern, Cath Palug

U Brand of the Beast A brand that can be embedded in the body that allows the user to seal a Beast within. While sealed away, the Beast empowers the owner of the seal in exchange for having their soul nourished by the life force of the user.

Restrictions: Vahn Mason

U Soul Bond Allows two unique entities to synchronize with each other, fusing their wills into a singular whole.

Restrictions: Illyasviel Von Einzbern, Cath Palug

U Beastly Passion A Grimoire that bestows the user the ability to impassion and exercise limited control over all bestial entities. While it is possible to direct their fervor away from oneself, long exposure would result in any beast, regardless of their level of sapience, becoming enamored with the user.
U Master of Beasts A Grimoire that causes all bestial entities to recognize the user as a higher form of existence, imposing a phenomenon similar to spirit suppression on them. Be warned, as entities stronger than the user may be compelled to attack if they realized this is the case.
S Inari's Grace Divine

A Sacred Wine gifted by the Goddess Inari to her betrothed, the Great Demon King, Shuten-douji. It carries the original hopes of its creator, bestowing feelings of bliss and satiety to whoever is fortunate enough to sample its contents. When given generously, this sake has a flavor akin to a warm Spring day, but, if taken greedily, even the most stalwart of Gods may be forced into a deep comatose state. "Drink, and be merry!"

U Nameless Slots: 0

P.Atk: (-)

M.Atk: (-)

Ability: Nameless Asauchi(-), Spirit Imprint(-), Spirit Evolution(-), Spirit Catalyst(-), Spirit Rending(-)

A masterwork formed from the culminations of its creator's intent and the desire of the blade itself to exist. Though still immature, this blade possesses limitless potential. After receiving nourishment from its wielder for an extended period of time, this blade will develop its own identity, shaping itself into the form most suitable for itself and its user. In total, there are three stages of evolution, but, in the right hands, there are no limits to an Asauchi's growth.

Restrictions: After imprinting, fuses with the user until death.

U Heaven's Mandate Upon activation, allows the user to make a contract with the current Ruler or Guardian of the world. If they are successful, all life within a specified dominion will become aware of their status as the designated Ruler of the World, granting them nigh-absolute Authority within the dominion they have been assigned.

Restriction: Vahn Aldrnari Mason

U Seal of Heaven Allows for a singular decree to be acknowledged by the World. This decree will become an absolute law within the dominion assigned to the user. Violation of said decree will result in the offender being punished by the World.

Restriction: Heaven's Mandate must be in effect.

U Imperial Regalia Allows the transfer of Authority granted by [Heaven's Mandate]. The wielder of this dagger is recognized as the designated Ruler of the World.

Restriction(s): Heaven's Mandate must be in effect. This item can only be transferred willingly.

U Anti-Origin Dagger So long as the user knows the Origin of the target, this weapon has a high chance of causing instant death.
U Sword of the Lord A ceremonial item used in succession rituals. After being soaked in a person's blood, the blade of this sword will glow with a mystical blue light. This effect can be triggered by all direct descendants, making it a viable method to determine familial ties during succession disputes.
U Emblem of the Guardian God An emblem that grants the user the protection of Gaia, the Primordial Goddess of the Earth. So long as Gaia lives, the recipient cannot be harmed by anything with origins derived from the Earth.

Restrictions: Vahn Aldrnari Mason

U Tri-Force of Wisdom Grants the user incomparable wisdom, leading them to always make the correct choices in their actions. For those descended from Gaia, this item also grants them immeasurable magical might, the ability to heal others, and the ability to commune with all creatures.

Notice: Can be fused with the [Tri-Force of Courage] and [Tri-Force of Power] to grant a single wish.

U Tri-Force of Courage Grants the user incomparable courage, allowing them to overcome all adversity, no matter how great or small. For those descended from Tiamat, this item also grants them immeasurable resistance to all forms of magic, mental manipulation, and negative status ailments.

Notice: Can be fused with the [Tri-Force of Wisdom] and [Tri-Force of Power] to grant a single wish.

U Tri-Force of Power Grants the user incomparable power, allowing them to reign supreme over all other entities. For those descended from Alaya, this item also grants them invulnerability, vast physical strength, and a functionally limitless amount of magical power.

Notice: Can be fused with the [Tri-Force of Wisdom] and [Tri-Force of Courage] to grand a single wish.

U Pendant of the Earth Goddess A pendant bestowed to those cherished by Gaia. So long as the recipient shares similar feelings, this pendant will protect them from harm within the confines of Gaia's domain. Those with powerful bonds may even use a small amount of Gaia's power, greatly increasing their regeneration when in contact with the ground.


U Little Realm Guardian Contract Allows the user to summon a Guardian to act as their proxy within Realms under the dominion. The power and capabilities of the Guardian are directly tied to the vitality and stability of the Realm.

Restriction: A Guardian cannot use its power outside their Realm of origin.

U Book of the Dawn An ancient text that records the history of every entity living within a Realm.

Restriction: Bound to Realm of origin.

U Book of the Dusk An ancient text that records the names of the dead and all Souls awaiting reincarnation.

Restriction: Bound to Realm of origin.

U Book of the Twilight An ancient text that governs the cycles of life, death, and reincarnation. Laws written into this text determine the reward for virtue, the penance for sin, and preservation of the Ego upon death.

Restriction: Bound to Realm of origin. Only works when the Book of the Dawn and Book of the Dusk is in effect.

U Breath of Life A Grimoire that bestows the user with the ability to infuse their vitality and essence into others. Mastery over this ability can drastically extend the lifespan of the user, allowing them to extend the lives of others and even resurrect the recently deceased.
U Beyond the Flesh A Grimoire that bestows the user with the ability to infuse their vitality and essence into inert, inorganic, objects. Mastery over this ability drastically extends the lifespan of the user, and, under the right conditions, objects influenced by their essence may obtain an Ego of their own.
U Divine Father A Grimoire that bestows the user with the inheritance of a Primordial God. Those blessed with this inheritance are able to form conceptual offspring within their mind, and, so long as the target is willing, the offspring will carry the traits encoded into them.

(A/N: This basically implies that even a normal human could give birth to something like a Cat Person or even a baby Cthulhu.)

U Little Garden A Grimoire that bestows the user with the ability to create a miniature Realm that is governed by the Law of Progression. Entities inside experience accelerated growth until the point of maturity, never aging beyond their biological prime. If the potential for evolution exists, offspring produced within the Realm will always inherit progressive traits, and, in the event of genetic inbreeding, there is a drastic reduction in deviation rates and birth defects.

Transcendental Path to Heaven - Mondaiji-tachi

B Golden Apple An irresistible golden apple that captivates anyone who sets their sights upon it. Just a single bite is said to fill one's belly and bring happiness. Eating the entire thing, core included, is said to replenish stamina, removes abnormal status effects, and cleanse curses.