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'The Path' is a Tier 9 Artifact that has existed since the 'Origin', given to Vahn Mason by Klyscha. The Goddess Klyscha imbued her Divinity into 'The Path' to act as a limiting factor allowing Vahns soul to activate the basic functions of 'The Path'. As his soul grows in strength, he will have access to increased functions and higher tier 'records'. The path is controlled by 'The system' named Sis. Here is some of the Quests

Name Description Chapter
Status Shows a list of all numerical values that make up the Host's physical/mental/spiritual attributes. 5
Skills Shows a list of all available skills. The host can toggle skills on an off to activate/deactivate their functions. 5
Shop Shows a list of all available items. Items displayed are dependant on available 'records'

//System Shop Upgraded to allow the purchase of Unique items obtained by Host.// (Chapter 1015)

Inventory Displays a grid that allows the Host to store items within the void. The Host can store/extract items using mental commands. The Host can also 'Equip' items to pre-designated slots to immediately change equipment. Inventory size is limited to the growth of the Host.

'The Path' is able to identify items put in inventory.

//Inventory Function Upgraded to allow for the storage of 16,384 unique items. Inventory slot size increased from 1,000m³ to 10,000m³.// (Chapter 1015)

Records Shows a list of all available worlds and their difficulty. World difficulties range between 1-9, with 1 being mortal worlds similar to the Host's origin universe.

*CAUTION* It is highly recommended that the host avoid worlds beyond the level of his soul as it can result in a quick death!

//Records Function Upgraded to allow Host to trace the Origin of items obtained through The Path.// (Chapter 1015)

Map 'The Path' has a basic mapping function which includes a compass and minimap. Though it can only map things within your line of sight, it will allow you to compile a map within the system of 'The Path'.

//Minimap Function Upgraded to allow the user to inspect and track any target within territory designated as their own.// (Chapter 1015)

Quest User will have different quests triggered according to their actions and strength.

//Quest Function Upgraded to allow the user to assign Quests to Subordinates, Followers, and Retainers. Quest Rewards dependent on the capabilities of the target and the difficulty of the assigned Quest.// (Chapter 1015)

Gift User will be able to give items bought from 'shop' to people he has high enough relationship. The amount and frequency items can be given depends on the relationship. 51
Unit Management Allows user to manage 'subordinate' units.

unlike before when he could only summon them from a short range, Vahn could now call his Subordinates to his side in exchange for some OP (Chapter 680)

Retainer function unlocked (Chapter 807)

//Unit Management Function Upgraded to allow Host to share senses with Subordinates, Followers, and Retainers// (Chapter 1015)

gacha standard gacha can be used with just OP, while the premium gacha only accepted tickets that could be obtained if he fights strong enemies. The way the gacha functioned worked was by allowing him to choose a specific type of item, such as healing, strengthening, weapons. armor, accessories, etc. After he chose the category, he could put in 10,000 OP into the system and it would give him ANY item within the category regardless of price.

'Premium Gacha'. It worked very similarly to the standard gacha except for the fact that the items were always useful for his current soul tier.

//Gacha Function Upgraded to allow for one free Premium Gacha pull every 24H. The drop rate of Premium Gacha Tickets increased when defeating Unique enemies.// (Chapter 1015)

Upgrade Increase attributes of a piece of equipment by 1% of current stats and adds a +(n) suffix to the item. Requires [Upgrade Stone]s and has a higher chance of failure depending on the number of upgrades already on the item. [Upgrade Stone]s can be acquired for 100,000OP and are also a random drop from mobs within the record. 10x[Upgrade Stone]s can be exchanged for 1x[Upgrade Stone+]. 10x[Upgrade Stone+]s can be exchanged for 1x[Upgrade Stone++].

//Upgrade Function Upgraded to allow Host to temporarily infuse the power of equipment directly into another target. Duration dependent on the number of times the equipment has been successfully upgraded.// (Chapter 1015)

Unit Modification -[Rename] (Variable)

-[Modify Race] (Variable)

-[Modify Gender] (1,000,000OP : 5,000 LP/AP)

-[Modify Physical Details] (Variable : Variable)

-[Modify Preferences] (Variable : Variable)

-[Modify Affinity] (500,000OP : 1,000 LP/AP)

-[Reset Status] (700,000OP : 500 LP/AP)

System Warning: Modifications may have inadvertent effects and unforeseen consequences. Use extreme caution when using [Unit Modification] Function as the actions of Subordinates and Retainers directly impact the accrual of Karma by the Host(Vahn Mason).

Quest Creation Allows the Host to browse through a list of compatible quests directly tied to the fate of a Record. Quests depicted are limited by the User's understanding of the Record and their rapport with entities tied to the Record's fate. 1015
Name Description Level
Rurouni Kenshin 1-2
Fairy Tail 1-3
One Piece 1-3
Danmachi 1-4
Fate/Stay Night 1-4
Negima 1-5
Star Ocean 1-5
Naruto Difficulty is due to the existence of the foreign energy known as chakra combined with the average difficulty of surviving within the world. As Naruto is a world with a Feudal System and Hidden Villages, there is a high probability of being targeted early on and eliminated by forces within the world who possess high spiritual power. It is recommended that you increase your Soul Strength to at least level 2 which would allow you to have an easier time cultivating Chakra and increasing your attributes within the world. 2-5
Nasuverse 1-5
Akamatsuverse 2-5


'Origin Points', or OP for short, is the currency that can be used to exchange for items using the system function 'Shop'. Please note that not all items can be converted into points because the shop used the 'source' energy found within the objects to create the Origin Points, and converting items that do not belong to you requires a great deal of time and will result in the accumulation of negative karma.


Name Value
Goblin's magic stone 17 OP
Iron Ore 1KG 5 OP
Copper Ore 1KG 5 OP
Goblin Chief's magic stone ~230 OP


Name Value
body-tempering liquid 1Vial 10 OP
Beginner Close Quarters Combat Techniques Manual 15 OP
Simple Linen Mat 1 OP
cracked firestone 1 OP
basic trap making Manual 10 OP
Sun-kissed Yew Shortbow 10 OP
Zanpakuto *sealed* 130,000,000 OP
Ryūjin Jakka 3,700,000,000 OP
Beginner's Archery Techniques Manual
Windstryder Shortbow 200 OP
Enforcer Longbow 180 OP
Runic Tempered Yew Shortbow 200 OP
senzu bean 50 OP
Small Explosive Charge 10 OP
Runic Tamahagane Blade 2,000 OP
mana recovery potion 100 OP
Plague Mask 40 OP
Nullifying Mantle 280 OP
Mithril Poniard 500 OP
Damascus-Steel Gauntlets 380 OP
Standing Mirror 3 OP
Hands of nirvana 2,000 OP
Thria Mimos:C 7,000 OP
Effigy of the Hero 100,000 OP
Yi 10,000 OP
chocolate cake 5 OP
Elixer 10,000 OP
Upgrade Stone 100,000 OP