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Her Guardian is a True Flame Dragon named "Vulcan". She has the Divinities of Fire and Life.





Status Chapter
Name: Vana Mason


Little Firecracker [Increases control of fire elemental energy]

Race: Vanir

Age: Chronological 2, Physical 13, Mental 8

Level: 2

POW: G230

END: E418

DEX: F391

AGI: F317

MAG: D553

SOUL: 3 [Lord Soul]

Divinity: Fire[pseudo:56%], Life[pseudo:17%]

Skills: [Inheritor of Flame:Innate:D], [Shepherd's Grace:Innate:I], [Precise Thrust:E], [Featherfoot:F]

Magic: [Genesis Flame:Innate:I], [Sagitta Magicka:G], [Flame Lance:D]

Development Abilities: [Eternal Flame Spirit:Innate:F], [Swordsman:H]

Name: Vana Mason


Free-spirited Flame [Increases proficiency in creating constructs out of flames]

Friend of Animals [All animals treat you as kin]

Race: Vanir

Age: Chronological 2, Physical 16, Mental 13

Level: 2(+)

POW: C601

END: B718

DEX: B702

AGI: C640

MAG: A823

SOUL: 3 [Lord Soul]

Divinity: Fire[pseudo:56%->58%], Life[pseudo:17%->18%], Animals[pseudo:2%](new)

Skills: [Inheritor of Flame:Innate:D->C], [Shepherd's Grace:Innate:I->G], [Precise Thrust:E->B], [Featherfoot:F->D], [Flame Sword:B](new)

Magic: [Genesis Flame:Innate:I->E], [Sagitta Magicka:G->F], [Flame Lance:D->C], [Shundo:H](new)

Development Abilities: [Eternal Flame Spirit:Innate:F->E], [Swordsman:H->B], [Tamer:C](new), [Acrobatics:E](new)



Rank Name Description Chapter
D Inheritor of Flame Innate Skill 773
C 906
I Shepherd's Grace Innate Skill 773
G 906
E Precise Thrust 773
B 906
F Featherfoot Increases comprehension of movement abilities and footwork. Provides a moderate increase to stealth related abilities. 773
D 906
I Genesis Flame Innate Magic 773
E 906
G Sagitta Magicka The caster creates a number of elemental magic missiles and fires them at the target. 773
F 906
D Flame Lance 773
C 906
F Eternal Flame Spirit Innate Development Ability 773
E 906
H Swordsman Increases comprehension of sword skills and techniques. Provides a slight increase to the kinetic vision and spatial awareness of the user. 773
B 906
B Flame Sword Infuse weapon with burning attacks that can pierce the defense of a target. 906
H Shundo By focusing ki or mana into the feet, and connecting point A and point B, the practitioner can cross a limited distance in a burst of extreme speed (enough to appear almost instantaneous). 906
C Tamer Increases the odds of successfully taming monsters and other creatures of low intelligence. 906
E Acrobatics increase the flexibility of her body and her spatial awareness 906